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Your customer feedback contains invaluable data that you can analyse in every form using our platform. Analyse chat, converstaions, and reviews as they are depicted in graphs that tell the full CX narrative.

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Move from data rich to insight rich by effortlessly adjusting your CX lense using powerful filters to narrow down on specific insights to save and share with your team. Control the granularity of your data by filtering your feedback comments by category and refine your search using themes and sentiment. Our dynamic platform will reflect your feedback query as you uncover deeper insights in real-time.


Unified Feedback Analytics bring together data across experiences and transactions, insights and actions to help teams improve CX, reduce churn and support growth. Build powerful charts and graphs to showcase insights in the clearest, most relevant, and most granular way possible.


Automate your CX workflow across the entire customer journey with our powerful integrations to take action at the right time, minimise at-risk revenue and seize opportunities to increase sales. Anticipate customer needs and avoid losing customers before it's too late by triggering actions based on customised conditions to maintain a watchful eye over your feedback.