Reduce returns and increase repeat purchases
with AI-powered
customer insights

Discover return reasons, increase spend per customer and improve product lines by acting on the customer insights in your surveys, reviews and support tickets.

See why Chattermill is the #1 rated AI-powered
Customer Insights platform for Fashion & Retail brands.

Image portraying chattermill product featureImage portraying chattermill product featureImage portraying chattermill product feature

Understand return reasons

Analyze your feedback and support data to better understand logistics, delivery, and returns challenges

Increase repeat purchases

Turn detractors into promoters by using AI insights to drive regular shoppers to spend more online or in-store

Improve your product lines

Discover what your customers love (and hate) about your new products, collections and seasonal releases

Unify your data, better understand your customers

Analyze surveys, reviews and support tickets at scale and provide actionable insights using deep learning AI.

Uncover the main reasons
for returns 10x faster

No more spending long hours searching for actionable insights and manually tagging and analyzing feedback

  • Use our machine-learning models to quickly categorise your customer feedback and uncover return reasons, logistics issues and more

  • Save 100s of hours manually reading, tagging, and analyzing unstructured feedback

Create in-store and online experiences that drive
repeat purchases

Get a holistic view of your customers, take the actions needed to drive customer loyalty and retention, and deliver meaningful impact

  • Unify insights across the entire customer journey into a single view

  • Uncover trends, patterns, and what’s driving customer loyalty and retention in real-time

Discover what's driving changes in sentiment

Understand which trends impact your sentiment, understand the "why" behind your scores, and get insights that will enable you to make smarter CX decisions

  • Find out the true reason why your sentiment changed, drill down into specific drivers, and find the underlying causes

  • Slice and dice data into particular customer segments, verticals, or products in real-time

Unify your feedback with 50+ native integrations

Natively integrate with 50+ different sources of customer feedback - online reviews, support tickets, customer surveys, chat messages, and more

The customer-centric brands you love, love Chattermill

Nilan Peiris
Nilan Peiris

"Chattermill enables our teams at Wise to take customer insights deeper than ever before“

Steve Crolic
Steve Crolic
Associate Director

"Chattermill helps us easily understand and keep track of our key customer experience drivers“

Hello fresh
kristy Macdonald
Kirsty Macdonald
Head of CX

"Chattermill enables us to truly connect with our customers and identify complex pain points“

Bloom and Wild

See how you can reduce returns and increase repeat purchases with Chattermill

See how our AI-powered platform allows you to get realtime, automated insights that drive growth.

  • Analyze feedback, conversations, and customer support data to uncover issues and minimise returns
  • Use AI-powered customer insights to improve retail performance – in-store, and online
  • Get a unified, intelligent view of your customers with
    50+ native integrations to your tech stack
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