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Bloom & Wild + Chattermill

"Chattermill enables us to truly connect with our customers and identify complex pain points in multiple areas based on direct feedback for each and every team to act upon.”

Bloom & Wild achieved

97% increase in recipient NPS

97% increase in recipient NPS

3% Increase in sender NPS

3% Increase in sender NPS

Global sender NPS of 84

Global sender NPS of 84


Bloom & Wild really embrace their 'Customer First' values, taking the time to connect with their customers to ensure a humble focus on how to improve & innovate. Everything from their signature leterbox packaging to the beautiful range is designed to enhance the customer experience. Key to developing this, is their focus on collecting & sharing highly granular insights through customer feedback with the company.

Untangle all feedback data to get a full picture of the customer

Untangling every touchpoint

Bloom & Wild's goal was to understand their customer’s perception of fower quality. The company needed access to a platform that could provide accurate insights on hard to reach touchpoints of the customer journey.

Bloom & Wild knew they could drive beter customer experiences and, ultimately, beter business outcomes with data informed decisions on every step of the customer journey.

Holistic view of the customer journey

Chattermill enabled Bloom & Wild to analyse feedback in all of the languages they recieved customer responses, providing near real-time insights with high granularity allowing datadriven changes to be made faster.

As a result of seamless integration with existing tools and systems internally at the company, Bloom & Wild was integrated multiple feedback channels across markets into one easily accessible source of customer experience insights. That was how the company managed to gain a complete picture of the user journey and varying perceptions from their userbase. By using Chattermill, Bloom & Wild is now able to easily understand how customers feel about diferent steps of the customer journey, and more importantly, where the areas of high impact are.

Effortless granular insights

Kirsty Macdonald

Head of Customer Experience

“We're really excited to be working with Chattermill, the platform allows us to access the hard reach touchpoints of our customer's journey across multiple channels and focus on the elements that create unique customer experiences that drive our growth."

Bloom & Wild have developed a modern approach for sending flowers to loved ones, allowing their online flower delivery platform to become a trailblazer in e-commerce. Operating with over 90 employees in 4 countries, Bloom & Wild is the UK's top rated online florist and boasts of an NPS of 84, highlighting the level of customer loyalty that the brand enjoys.





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