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ManoMano + Chattermill

“Chattermill has played a pivotal role in swifly spotting operational issues to enhance our physical product and the online experience.”

ManoMano achieved

Scaled customer-centric culture

Scaled customer-centric culture

Customer-oriented prioritisation of strategy

Customer-oriented prioritisation of strategy

Unlocking quant insights out of qualitative data

Unlocking quant insights out of qualitative data


ManoMano started working with Chattermill in 2019 as they shifed their product level acquisition strategy toward user-centricity and began to understand their customer experience by segmenting and understanding the increasing volumes of NPS feedback.

Turning thousands of pieces of customer feedback into a good thing

Building a single source of truth

Before Chattermill, ManoMano was facing a challenge integrating emotional customer feedback into a their decision-making processes. With that, came issues around analysing massive quantities of unstructured feedback data at scale, in near real-time, as well as building a single source of truth to empower each team to take action based off of customer insights.

Chattermill's custom-built and trained AI models were the desired solution to analyse what customers were saying in the most granular way possible.

Putting customers' "why" first

ManoMano leveraged Chattermill's cutting-edge technology to analyse their customer feedback in near real-time to detect theme and sentiment within each piece of customer feedback. This level of granular insight, coupled with company-wide tracking and reporting of customer experience trends, helped ManoMano understand the ‘why’ behind survey scores.

That insight helped ManoMano not only gain a deeper understanding of their customers and identify the underlying root causes of their challenges, but also scaling a customer-centric culture internally across the organisation. As a result, ManoMano can more confidently determine strategic priorities based on evolving and dynamic real customer experience needs, making sure they're building what their customers want.

Turning the qualitative into quantitative

Christina Cooper

Voice of the Customer Programme Manager

“The most powerful thing about Chattermill for our company is actually that we can put quantitative terms on qualitative data, helping everyone speak the same language so that the rest of the tech company can make the necessary pro-CX changes.”

ManoMano is an online marketplace for DIY, home improvement, and gardening products. The company handles over 1 million customer conversations a year (without chatbots), in 6 different markets with different languages. Wiht over 4 million referenced products and 3,000 partner sellers, ManoMano is one of Europe's fastest growing e-commerce businesses. This is evident by the fast scailing of their team to over 570 employees across 16 different nationalities.>




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