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6 Definitive Ways to Gain and Retain Customer Trust

By João Alves

Trust is the bedrock of most relationships. Think about it, if trust doesn’t exist between two parties, there is very little that can be…


How to Take Command of Every Customer Journey Stage

By João Alves

The customer journey consists of five stages that the customer goes through from the beginning to the end of their relationship with a brand…


Supercharging benefits with Ben

By Jack Miller

We’re excited to announce that we recently launched a super-flexible benefits solution for everyone at Chattermill. As we enter this (ever…


CX Leaders Virtual Roundtable

By João Alves

On Thursday, June 24, 2021, at 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM GMT+1, Chattermill will be hosting a CX Leaders Virtual Roundtable with some of the most…


Announcing the insightfulness filter!

By Thomas Metcalfe

At Chattermill, our mission is to deliver precise and actionable insights, enabling our partners to have a complete, objective understanding…


Chattermill is an Europas 'Hottest B2B/SaaS Startup' Award finalist

By Jack Miller

Chattermill is very excited to share that we’re now a finalist for the ‘Hottest B2B/SaaS Startup’ award, recognised by The Europas and The…


Future of CX: Chattermill Dashboard Demo


Transform Your CX in 6 Weeks


Mitigating the Impact of Covid-19 on CX

How the right CX can help companies navigate through this difficult time. Join us for a presentation from Dmitry Isupov, Chattermill Co-Founder, and Anfel Bahri, Insight Analyst from Chattermill.


Artificial Intelligence Deciphered

Aji Ghose VP, Data and Research @ Chattermill breaks down how AI can be used to enhance your CX


Democratising CX Insights to Innovate Rapidly

Join us for a conversation with Kirsty Macdonald, Head of Customer Research & Insight at Bloom & Wild, to learn how they use CX to bring teams together, innovate fast and democratise customer insights across the company.


How are Travellers Feeling Right Now?

Listen to Chattermill and GetYourGuide in depth overview on the latest trends, consumers' pain points and changing habits in the travel industry.


What is the new normal and how you can connect the dots

In this webinar, HelloFresh will discuss their CX strategy in the Covid-19 era, their approach to collecting and extracting customer insights to drive customer-centric growth, and the steps they have taken to prepare for the future economic outlook.


Part 1: Connecting CX to Business Outcomes

In this CX Spotlight video, we will explore with Aji Ghose, our VP of Data & Research, the link between customer feedback and commercial metrics.


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The Customer Feedback Analysis Starter kit

Learn how to craft and develop a customer feedback analysis process at your company.

Scaling CX Playbook

The definitive guide on how to scale CX the right way.

The Customer Churn Analysis Starter kit

A starter kit to help you conduct churn analysis on your customer base.

The Customer Satisfaction Manual

A manual to help you skyrocket your customer satisfaction metrics.

The Survey Guide

The Ultimate Guide to Designing and Analysing CX Surveys

The Cult Of The Customer

Chapters 1 & 2 from the book Cult of the Customer by world renowned CX Consultant Shep Hyken