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CX Insider: Inside Mastercard’s predictive, customer-centric CX strategy

By Arron Westbrook

This Thursday, we sat down for the latest episode of our CX Insider webinar series – where we get to hear from game-changing customer…



How to Outperform Your Competition in a Saturated Fintech Market

By Arron Westbrook

The US is at the leading edge of the global fintech market. Between 2019 and 2024, Mordor Intelligence expects the sector to grow by 8.…



How to Increase Customer Retention in a Two-sided Marketplace

By Arron Westbrook

Right now, consumers around the world are ordering takeaways with Deliveroo. They’re booking cabs with Uber. And they’re planning holidays…



Chattermill Announces Record-breaking Q1 Results

By Arron Westbrook

Unified Customer Intelligence startup vastly exceeded expectations for the period, hitting 200 per cent of its new business revenue and…



CX Teardown: Ridesharing

By Arron Westbrook

Who’s winning the ridesharing wars? Our CRO Luke Moore, co-founder and insights specialist Dmitry Isupov, and senior CX specialist Romy…



Optimising Ridesharing Customer Experience Starts with Unified Customer Intelligence

By Arron Westbrook

Few industries have seen such rapid growth as shared transport services over the past decade. From E-scooter services like Lime to ride…


Future of CX: Chattermill Dashboard Demo

CX Insider: Inside Mastercard’s Predictive, Customer-Centric CX Strategy

LIVE CX Teardown: Ridesharing

Mitigating the Impact of Covid-19 on CX

How the right CX can help companies navigate through this difficult time. Join us for a presentation from Dmitry Isupov, Chattermill Co-Founder, and Anfel Bahri, Insight Analyst from Chattermill.

Artificial Intelligence Deciphered

Aji Ghose VP, Data and Research @ Chattermill breaks down how AI can be used to enhance your CX

Democratising CX Insights to Innovate Rapidly

Join us for a conversation with Kirsty Macdonald, Head of Customer Research & Insight at Bloom & Wild, to learn how they use CX to bring teams together, innovate fast and democratise customer insights across the company.

How are Travellers Feeling Right Now?

Listen to Chattermill and GetYourGuide in depth overview on the latest trends, consumers' pain points and changing habits in the travel industry.

What is the new normal and how you can connect the dots

In this webinar, HelloFresh will discuss their CX strategy in the Covid-19 era, their approach to collecting and extracting customer insights to drive customer-centric growth, and the steps they have taken to prepare for the future economic outlook.

Customer Exeprience & Survey Templates

No fluff or sales pitches. Just quality information and insights.

<span class="underline">Will Zara’s New Returns Policy Leave Them Counting the Cost?</span>

Will Zara’s New Returns Policy Leave Them Counting the Cost?

Download our eBook to learn what Zara’s new returns policy means for their customer experience.

<span class="underline">The Netflix Dilemma: How To Understand Why Your Customers Are Leaving You</span>

The Netflix Dilemma: How To Understand Why Your Customers Are Leaving You

Download our eBook to learn what’s gone wrong at Netflix, and how to solve customer retention issues.

<span class="underline">The CX Leaders Intelligent Guide To Growth</span>

The CX Leaders Intelligent Guide To Growth

If the last two and a bit years have been about rapidly shifting our businesses’ customer experiences to try to meet a new, ever-changing customer reality, 2022 is all about building up our knowledge of our customers’ wants, needs, and expectations to drive growth.

<span class="underline">Great eCXpectations: How to Deliver the CX Your Customers Really Want</span>

Great eCXpectations: How to Deliver the CX Your Customers Really Want

Discover how customer expectations are changing, how to find out what your customers really want, and how to deliver experiences that meet their expectations in this insight-packed eBook.

<span class="underline">Redefining CX in FinTech</span>

Redefining CX in FinTech

Learn what the current CX challenges are in FinTech, how to solve them, and how to compete on customer experience – with insights from Atom Bank, Happy Money, Moneybox, and Chattermill.

<span class="underline">Customer Support Trends 2022</span>

Customer Support Trends 2022

Based on research from customers and 339 global customer-focused leaders from key customer-facing functions, Chattermill’s Customer Support Trends 2022 Report uncovers everything you need to know to delight your customers next year and beyond.

<span class="underline">CX How To Radically Improve Customer Experience in Fashion and Retail</span>

CX How To Radically Improve Customer Experience in Fashion and Retail

The Ultimate Guide to Radically Improving Customer Experience For Your Fashion and Retail Brand.

<span class="underline">CX Fashion Handbook</span>

CX Fashion Handbook

How to Win in a Rapidly Changing Fashion Industry.

<span class="underline">CX Excellence Handbook</span>

CX Excellence Handbook

Insights from the CX Leaders of JustEat, Wise, DoorDash, LinkedIn, Calvin Klein and CXM.

<span class="underline">The Customer Feedback Analysis Starter kit</span>

The Customer Feedback Analysis Starter kit

Learn how to craft and develop a customer feedback analysis process at your company.

<span class="underline">Scaling CX Playbook</span>

Scaling CX Playbook

The definitive guide on how to scale CX the right way.

<span class="underline">The Customer Churn Analysis Starter kit</span>

The Customer Churn Analysis Starter kit

A starter kit to help you conduct churn analysis on your customer base.

<span class="underline">The Customer Satisfaction Manual</span>

The Customer Satisfaction Manual

A manual to help you skyrocket your customer satisfaction metrics.

<span class="underline">The Survey Guide</span>

The Survey Guide

The Ultimate Guide to Designing and Analysing CX Surveys

<span class="underline">The Cult Of The Customer</span>

The Cult Of The Customer

Chapters 1 & 2 from the book Cult of the Customer by world renowned CX Consultant Shep Hyken