Behind Our Series B:

The Path to Unified Customer Intelligence

Today, Chattermill announced our Series B: a $26m round of funding led by Beringea, with participation from previous investors DN Capital, Ventech, Runa Capital, Btov, SVB, and new investors Blossom Street Ventures. You can read the full announcement in the press release here. While we’re super excited about this news, we’re even more excited about the future of Unified Customer Intelligence, and what it means for customer-focused businesses.

In the experience-led economy, getting customer experience right is no longer a nice-to-have, it’s mission critical. In the midst of economic uncertainty, customer experience has never been more crucial to businesses as they fight harder to attract and retain customers. But building experiences that customers want can be incredibly challenging.

Building a customer experience strategy for large businesses is incredibly difficult, and it really needs to be data-driven. Today, CX plays a huge part in any business's success – especially in these challenging economic times. We believe there is no other technology that can provide the level of efficiency and insight needed for CX teams to succeed – this is why we are trusted by major brands like Amazon and Uber. Our goal is that by 2027 our AI is able to analyse over a billion pieces of customer feedback for our clients.

Mikhail Dubov, CEO & Co-Founder
Today, we’re all drowning in unstructured customer data: surveys, customer support tickets, social media interactions, product feedback, public reviews.
Making meaningful sense of these endless streams of customer feedback, and building a strategy that meets what customers actually want, is a challenge every business faces.
Traditional analytics tools struggle to support the volume of customer feedback, and manual analysis is too time-consuming for CX teams.
Despite this inherent difficulty, we know it’s exactly what we need to do to attract and retain customers. Because if we don’t see the customer reality and act on it, our customers will be quick to jump ship.

These are the problems that Chattermill solves

We’ve built the first Unified Customer Intelligence platform, applying the latest deep-learning artificial intelligence to help you easily understand customer experience data and provide you with actionable customer insights.
Our Series B will allow us to expand our platform capabilities, giving you deeper insights into your customers, allowing you to analyse more data types at scale, and, ultimately, helping you build retention-driving customer-centric experiences.

Where We Came From

Co-founded by Mikhail Dubov and Dmitry Isupov in 2015 while at Entrepreneur First, Chattermill was born out of their frustration that it took weeks, sometimes months, for customer research to yield any quality insights. Often, these would be out of date by the time they reached decision-makers. And it was also financially out of reach for most companies.
When they started what eventually became Chattermill, they had a hunch that they could use the newly available tech of deep learning AI to help companies find insights amidst messy customer data. Their vision was to take what agencies and cutting-edge brands were doing by hand and automate it.
Today, our Unified Customer Intelligence platform is used by the world’s best-loved customer-centric companies.
May 2015
Chattermill founded by Mikhail & Dmitry
December 2017
Chattermill raises £935,000 Seed Round
February 2020
Chattermill raises $8m Series A
September 2020
Launch of Customer Support Product
January 2022
Unified Customer Intelligence Category
November 2022
Chattermill raises $26m Series B
“Customers today share vast amounts of feedback online across a wealth of platforms and channels, providing a huge opportunity for businesses to drive performance through customer insight. However, the current solutions in the market lack flexibility and accuracy when analysing this unstructured customer feedback across a wide range of sectors. Chattermill has, therefore, enabled a blue-chip roster of clients to tap into a ‘data gold mine’ that had previously been out of reach – the highly-scalable, intuitive product that Mikhail, Dmitry, and their exceptional team is demonstrating immense opportunity as proven by their rapid growth.”

Why Unified Customer Intelligence

Over the past few years, we’ve worked hard to expand our platform capabilities to meet the ever-increasing ways customers can leave feedback.
Since our Series A, we’ve introduced our customer support product, built Impact Analysis – a feature that enables businesses to find out what’s driving changes in NPS scores, and added functionality that enables you to analyse your social media data.
These aren’t the only features we’ve built, of course. And the plan is to continue building the product so that it can unify and analyse all customer feedback data – wherever, however, customers interact with you.
Why? Because without this unification of customer data and without deep learning AI to analyse this data at scale, you’ll never truly understand your customer reality.
This is customer-centricity in the truest sense of the word.
“Chattermill is an integral part of our success in delivering our market-leading customer experience. We were one of the first brands to recognise the impact Chattermill could have in making sense of our customer data. Over our years working together, it has been a crucial tool in improving the HelloFresh experience to keep our customers happy and, better still, keep them coming back for more.”

A Final Note

Our journey to building the world’s first Unified Customer Intelligence platform isn’t down to us alone. It wouldn’t have been possible without our customers, our partners, and of course, our investors – all of who have been essential to the growth and success of our product.
Building a new category and a product as innovative as ours is only possible when you have users, investors, and collaborators as forward-thinking, creative, and engaged as ours.
With every new channel analysed, every new feature, and every new use case, we’ve grown the product towards delivering true Unified Customer Intelligence. And that wouldn’t have been possible without those mentioned.
Our vision is that by 2027, we will be analysing over a billion pieces of customer feedback for businesses. An ambitious vision, no doubt. But it’s a vision that will enable businesses to build CX strategies that fully align with what customers want and, ultimately, make lives better for consumers across the globe.