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What is great Survey Data Analysis?

Survey data analysis is the process of drawing conclusions from what you’ve gathered. Whether this is hard percentages, qualitative statements, or something in the middle, going through your data and identifying patterns can help you figure out wider takeaways for the general population the data represents.

Why is Survey Analysis Important?

Survey analysis is important because it allows you to draw broader conclusions about your audience. Numbers on their own are meaningless, it’s the trends and patterns you uncover that allow you to make meaningful decisions.

What are the types of Survey Analysis?

Though there are countless variables you could be measuring in your surveys, most of them can be categorised into the following two types - Demographic and Psychographic data. The intersection of these two types of variables is usually where the most valuable insights come from.

How to Analyse Survey Data?

Body 4: Using AI to conduct your surveys can simplify this process by sending and analysing data at scale. Cutting edge machine learning technology allows questionnaires to be shorter without sacrificing valuable insight or bogging down your employees with endless work