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How To Make CX Everyone’s Job: Featuring Forrester and MOO

CX Challenges Of Today

To get the negative out of the way, it is important to acknowledge that CX is still not great. There are a lot of challenges that the field has been and continues to face as companies learn just how important it is to understand what their customers are thinking and feeling holistically.

In the past few years, CX as a discipline has not improved much. From surveys carried out by Forrester, around:

  • 45% of CX professionals cite a lack of collaboration as their biggest obstacle to transforming customer experience within their organizations. This problem still persists, as this number has only increase 9% since 2017.
  • 31% of CX professionals cite a lack of a customer-centric culture as their biggest obstacles to spreading CX within their companies.
  • 27% of CX professionals cite not having a clear CX strategy and/or vision as their biggest challenge to improving CX within their organizations.

What Is Holding CX Back?

The best way to look at this is by inverting the problem - so what causes the challenges described above?

Our guest speaker, Faith Adams of Forrester describes 5 key causes:

  • CX as a discipline remains in silos.
  • Companies do not put the customer at the center of their operations.
  • Companies do not know where to begin with their CX strategy.
  • Companies just focus on technology as a solution for customer experience.
  • Companies are afraid of change.

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