Forrester Report reveals 645% ROI with Chattermill

Based on interviews with Chattermill customers, Forrester set out the costs and ROI of deploying and using Chattermill —revealing 645% ROI over 3 years

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£2.2 million in savings

Clients experienced a three-year-risk-adjusted-saving, totalling over £2,260,000

645% ROI

Customers experienced an uplift of over 645% return on investment in the first three years

£1.95 million NPV

Clients experienced a net present value of £1,950,000

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Product Operations Senior Manager, E-Commerce FMCG

“Ultimately, Chattermill helped us to understand what works and what doesn’t, and we funnel that back into the development process. One of our main customer satisfaction scores really proves that upward trajectory.”

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