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Transform Your CX in 6 Weeks


Mitigating the Impact of Covid-19 on CX

How the right CX can help companies navigate through this difficult time. Join us for a presentation from Dmitry Isupov, Chattermill Co-Founder, and Anfel Bahri, Insight Analyst from Chattermill.


Artificial Intelligence Deciphered

Aji Ghose VP, Data and Research @ Chattermill breaks down how AI can be used to enhance your CX


Democratising CX Insights to Innovate Rapidly

Join us for a conversation with Kirsty Macdonald, Head of Customer Research & Insight at Bloom & Wild, to learn how they use CX to bring teams together, innovate fast and democratise customer insights across the company.


How are Travellers Feeling Right Now?

Listen to Chattermill and GetYourGuide in depth overview on the latest trends, consumers' pain points and changing habits in the travel industry.


What is the new normal and how you can connect the dots

In this webinar, HelloFresh will discuss their CX strategy in the Covid-19 era, their approach to collecting and extracting customer insights to drive customer-centric growth, and the steps they have taken to prepare for the future economic outlook.


Part 1: Connecting CX to Business Outcomes

In this CX Spotlight video, we will explore with Aji Ghose, our VP of Data & Research, the link between customer feedback and commercial metrics.


Part 2: Connecting CX to Business Outcomes

This CX Spotlight video, dives deeper into how unified customer feedback analytics can integrate multiple sources of customer feedback and explores the implications of this approach for making more data-driven business decisions.


Gaining Actionable CX Insights

Join us for a webinar with Anfel Bahri, Senior Insights Analyst, to learn how to generate CX insights that truly matter and have impact on the bottom line.


The “How”s Behind Unlocking Customer Emotions with AI

This CX Spotlight episode with our Deep Learning Engineer, Tom Metcalfe, explores the science behind identifying customer emotions automatically from their feedback, the challenges of traditional methods and advances in AI.


Systems Thinking: The Ideal Complement to CX

Listen to the CX Spotlight episode with our Director of Data Operations and Product, Lorenzo Espinosa, where we discuss the concept of system thinking and how companies can utilise this approach to strengthen their CX.


CX Lessons from Zappos: The Voice of the Best Customer

In this webinar, Alex Genov, Head of Customer Research at Zappos, explains how the business unlocks and actions the insights hidden in the tens of thousands of customer comments.


CX Leaders Virtual Roundtable

Whether you're just starting off in the CX industry or you’ve been in the trenches for years, the CX Roundtable Series will provide you with actionable tactics & strategies from the minds of successful industry professionals. Listen to top CX leaders from Wise (prev. Transferwise), DoorDash, JustEat, LinkedIn, Calvin Klein, and more.

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