BrioGeo’s Hair Care Quiz

BrioGeo is doing its bit to make hair-care stress-free by providing an entry quiz which enables a seamless customer experience. 

Upon entering their website, you’re greeted with the option to take a quick, 5-minute quiz. Options entered, hairstyles evaluated – you’re through to a personalised page that showcases which products are most appropriate to you.

The best part? They’re sorted into sections based on how they’ll help you – “To define and tame frizzy hair…” or “To soothe, detox and balance your scalp”. Instead of having to click on each product to learn this, you can see what they’re used for straight away. 

And if you’re still not satisfied, BrioGeo’s website goes the extra mile by providing testimonials and routines from those within their community, showing how BrioGeo’s products have worked for them.

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