See why money transfer companies choose Chattermill to get insights from customer feedback data 

Money transfer brands like Wise, Sendwave, N26 and WorldRemit choose Chattermill to give their teams accurate customer insights, link customer metrics to business goals, and build the products their customers want.

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The top 3 reasons why money transfer brands choose Chattermill for feedback analysis

We unify all your customer feedback in one platform for rich, granular product insights

Chattermill enables you to analyze large quantities of feedback data from surveys, app reviews and public reviews in one place, so you can build better products and understand the true voice of your customers.

Our advanced AI, Lyra, automatically analyzes feedback at scale, to find out what your customers really think about your products, operations, and customer experience - so you don't have to waste time manually analyzing data ever again.

We deliver real business outcomes, no matter what team you’re in

Chattermill is built for every team across your organization so that customer decisions are made strategically and silos are broken down.

From CX, to Product, Support and Operations, we’ve made it easy for anyone to find insights and link those to business metrics like NPS, CSAT, retention rates and more.

By unifying all of your data sources, analyzing thousands of pieces of feedback in seconds, and alerting you to anomalies and risks as they come up, Chattermill enables you to share insights relevant to teams across your whole organization.

We’re more than just a platform, we are a community of customer analytics experts

Becoming a Chattermill customer means much more than just access to an insight-finding platform.

You’ll be joining an engaged community with regular updates, events, and an annual summit. You’ll have access to the CX Intelligence Academy, a series of online courses designed to help you level up your feedback analysis game.

On top of this, you’ll be given 1:1 expert support from the start of your journey with us, accessing 8+ years of expertise from day one - grounded in leading business like Wise, Sendwave, WorldRemit, N26, Varo and Cleo to success.

Wise builds better products based on customer feedback insights

“Chattermill helps us everywhere. It helps us with the feedback loop with customers. It helps us figure out what to build next. And it helps us operationally understand what our biggest challenges are”
Nilan Peiris
Chief Product Officer
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Customer-first brands choose us

“Chattermill is a game-changer that has revolutionized how we engage with feedback."
Julia Zuber
Senior Customer Insights Manager, Limehome
“With Chattermill, every department can easily understand what drives sentiment.”
Steve Crolic
Head of VoC
“Chattermill enables 
our team to uncover customer insights deeper than ever before.”
Nilan Peiris
Chief Product Officer

Seamless integrations with your data sources

Chattermill integrates with over 50+ different customer feedback channels giving you and your teams a single source of customer truth.

Online Reviews
Team Chat
App Reviews
Data Warehouse
Social Media
Our support and community

We’re here to ensure your success

Our Customer Success team is with you for every step of your journey.

CS Manager
Your Customer Success Manager provides CX strategies, and recommendations to help you reach your goals. You’ll also receive executive business reviews highlighting your growth. 
Implementation and onboarding support
You’ll have access to a personalized onboarding specialist, who'll meet with you 1:1 during your first 30 days to help you get started faster and meet your business goals or set up complex integrations.
Training and CX Intelligence Academy
We offer comprehensive and self-paced Chattermill training for new or existing users, along with access to our CX Intelligence Academy, to ensure all your teams are leveraging customer insights.
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Analyze all unstructured feedback, instantly

Eliminate manual tagging and analysis

Understand the trends within your metrics

Surface the most common issues and pain points

Share insights with customized dashboards and reports

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