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Chattermill is the customer feedback analysis platform that helps you find customer insights and act on them so you can create a superior customer experience:

Unify: Import, consolidate, and analyze customer feedback data from any source (even custom ones)
Analyze: Surface insights with customized dashboards to identify trends, risks, and opportunities
Act: Connect feedback to outcomes so you can drive retention, acquisition, and word of mouth
Profile picture of Jonathan Beirne, VOC expert at Music Magpie
Jonathan Beirne
Chief Customer Officer at
Music Magpie
hours saved monthly in customer support
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Using AI for sentiment analysis provides more accuracy, but most importantly, it’s consistent and gives us more context.”

Push beyond the status quo with a breakthrough platform

The most successful enterprises use us to grow profitably (as do the fastest growing disruptors)


Quickly find the use cases that pay for themselves

You know that you can’t just listen to your customers, you need to ‘get’ them. Focus on your most valuable outcomes to improve retention, acquistion, and churn.

4% drop in churn drives retention

HelloFresh uses customer insights to challenge business assumptions and drive growth.
The business wanted to avoid packaging wherever possible across all regions. However, the data showed that customer sentiment was strongly related to packaging in particular markets, like Germany.
They developed a recyclable insulation pouch that was put to use in Germany. Cancellations related to packaging dropped 33%.
Box with Hello Fresh logo filled with vegetables
Increase in average number of orders per customer
Increase in average order value

110% reduction in returns increases profits

A large fashion retailer reduces returns for a best-selling dress.
The company assumed that best-selling items weren’t a high risk for returns. Customer feedback revealed that a best-selling dress had the wrong front panel length, leading to significant return rates.
They made adjustments which resulted in a 10% reduction in returns - and this approach became a critical driver for their growth.
reduction in returnsfor a best-selling dress
of styles with fit tipssaw a reduction in returns

22% lift in NPS powers new customer acquisition

Limehome is a leading hospitality brand.
They brand originally focused on business customers. However, feedback showed that a segment of customers enjoyed luxury travel with a sustainable emphasis.
Limehome introduced higher-quality pillows, eco-friendly toiletries, and small gifts such as toothbrushes. The result was a 22% boost in NPS and the number of nights booked increased by 81% in less than 2 years.
increase in NPS year over year
growth in the number of nights booked within two years


A customer feedback analysis platform that helps you to win buy-in, drive change, and remove manual work

Experience superior analytics, mixed sentiment analysis, and better self-service - all with exceptional customer support and guided implementation.

Unique mixed sentiment

Understanding mixed sentiment is the biggest benefit here. It allows us to identify the things that are causing customers to be neutral and the things we need to do to turn them into promoters.”

Jasper Lim
Senior Customer Insights at Faire
Profile of Jasper Jim
Distinctive focus on customers

Chattermill's platform has transformed our focus on customers. We can measure the impact of customers complaining about packaging, quality of ingredients, or recipe instructions, on retention and revenue"

Steve Crolic
Associate Director of VoC at HelloFresh
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Superior analytics capabilities

“Chattermill unifies our customer experience data, examines it at scale using deep learning AI, and provides insights that aid us in understanding customer experience at an incredibly granular, actionable level.”

Harsha Gavarna
Former Strategy & Ops Lead at Uber
More customizable insights

We can segment customer feedback by booking number, room number, date of arrival, or the reason they came for. This way, we can find issues in specific touchpoints across the entire buyer journey.”

Julia Zuber
Customer Insights Lead at Limehome
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Exceptional customer success

“The Chattermill team is small enough to provide a personable and responsive relationship while having a big enough team to tackle almost any problem we throw at them.”

Elyssa Figueira
Lead Analyst at Tesco
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Better self-service insights

"Because it is so easy to self-serve and have the data in one place where anyone can see it, everyone just felt really energized and motivated to take action."

Jade Roberts
Head of CX at Monica Vinader
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2024 Leader on the G2 grid for Feedback Analytics
(4.5 out of 5 — 122 reviews)
G2 badge Best Usability Spring 2024G2 badge High Performer Spring 2024G2 badge Easiest to do Business With Spring 2024G2 badge Momentum Leader Spring 2024

how chattermill is different

Make customer experience the top strategic revenue driver for your business

Whether your goal is to increase acquisition or improve retention, our breakthrough feedback analytics platform and growth strategy framework can help get you there.

Powering unmatched insights for CX

Most AI models can only detect one type of sentiment (either positive or negative) in each feedback comment. Our AI model, Lyra, looks for multiple sentiments in a single comment, making it possible to understand positive and negative feedback in each individual post.

Delivering insights to every team

Collaboration isn’t enabled by alerts and dashboards. Bring your teams together on a single platform to remove silos and create a shared vision. So you can establish a compelling CX strategy that drives value into every team and department in your business.

Taking you beyond software alone

Technology alone isn’t the solution. Our Experience-Led Growth maturity model can help you to achieve long-term profitability from exceptional CX, supported by certification programs, 1:1 training sessions and a dedicated user community.


Make customer experience the top strategic revenue driver for your business

Chattermill stands out by combining software with AI designed for CX, Experience-Led Growth, and our CX Intelligence Academy.

Go beyond tactical CX with strategic insights

Most feedback analytics models start with tactics. This leads to a find-and-fix approach that doesn’t align with business goals. Our proprietary model, Lyra AI, is the only AI for CX that closes this gap.

Make CX a growth driver with a proven roadmap

Our Experience-Led Growth roadmap starts with an assessment to determine your current maturity level. Then we identify the most impactful use cases to meet your goals.

Ensure adoption with the CX Intelligence Academy

Advance your career with our 1:1 training sessions, on-demand courses, and certification programs. Share your CX experiences with peers in our community.

The ROI of CHatterMill

Make customer experience the top strategic revenue driver for your business


increase in AOV


hours saved monthly


increase in product NPS


increase in recipient NPS

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Include everyone in CX

“With Chattermill, everyone has access to our customer research. Each team considers the voice of the customer in their decision-making. It is in their DNA to be customer-focused.”

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Mathieu Le Roux
Voice of the Customer Expert at Qonto

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