Social CX Analytics

Use Social CX Analytics to better understand what customers want

There’s a hidden goldmine of customer intelligence lurking within your brand’s Facebook, Twitter and TikTok accounts. Chattermill helps you unlock it. Using AI, Chattermill unifies and analyzes your social comments, posts, and messages, and delivers actionable insights that will help you understand the voice of your customers.

Analyze data from hundreds of social sites

Our AI helps you surface the most relevant customer issues, emerging trends, and critical topics discussed across hundreds of web sources and social sites – including Twitter, Pinterest, Reddit, Tumblr, YouTube and Twitch.

Take charge of your online reputation

With Chattermill, you can trigger alerts based on social feedback and be the first to discover changes in the volume or net sentiment of the discussion around your brand.

Analyse conversations from social messaging apps

Analyze conversations from social messaging apps

Chattermill lets you quickly analyze Facebook Messenger, Instagram Direct, and Twitter conversations to better understand why people get in touch, and unlock the root causes of customer issues.

Uncover competitive intelligence

With Chattermill, you can easily analyze competitor social accounts to benchmark against your rivals, understand how customers feel about your competition, and learn from their successes and mistakes.

Uncover competitive intelligence
Filter through the social noise

Filter through the social noise

Chattermill’s deep learning AI helps you filter out irrelevant social CX data, understand the full context of social interactions, and determine which data points are actually meaningful.

Connect your favourite networks

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