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Chattermill’s Customer Experience Intelligence platform empowers customer experience, customer support, and product teams to deliver retention-driving, loyalty-inducing experiences to their customers.

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Where we came from

Co-founded by Mikhail Dubov and Dmitry Isupov in 2015 while at Entrepreneur First, Chattermill was born out of their frustration that it took weeks, sometimes months, for customer research to yield any quality insights. Often, these would be out of date by the time they reached decision-makers. And it was also financially out of reach for most companies.

When they started what eventually became Chattermill, they had a hunch that they could use the newly available tech of deep learning to help companies find insights amidst messy data. Their vision was to take what agencies and cutting-edge brands were doing by hand and automate it.

Today, Chattermill is used by the world’s best-loved customer-centric companies including Uber, HelloFresh, Wise, and more, all of who can now see and act on their customer reality.

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Our mission? To empower teams to see their customer reality

Businesses today struggle to build customer experiences that matter to customers and drive loyalty. Analyzing customer experience data at scale to uncover meaningful insights is incredibly difficult for businesses today. Large businesses can have millions of customer interactions across surveys, reviews, customer service conversations, product feedback and social media, which means valuable data is too repetitive and time-consuming a problem for CX teams to solve and understand. Our goal is that by 2027 our AI is able to analyze over a billion pieces of customer feedback for our clients.

Trusted by the world’s leading customer-centric brands

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Meet the leaders behind CX Intelligence

Photo of Mikhail

Mikhail Dubov

CEO and Co-founder

Photo of Dmitry

Dmitry Isupov

Chief Strategy and Insights Officer and Co-founder

Photo of Luke

Luke Moore

Chief Revenue Officer

Photo of Aji

Aji Ghose

VP Data and Research

Liliana Osorio

VP Marketing

Photo of Andrew

Andrew Ivanov

VP Engineering

Nikki Phillips

VP People

Photo of Junior

Junior Hewitt

VP Customer Success

Vincent Dollet

VP Product

Photo of Brett

Brett Simblett

VP Finance

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