Build your subscription brand based on customer feedback

Don’t let your loyal customers go. Profitability is not just about acquisition. It’s about retention. Now you can act on customer concerns to grow faster.

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Customer Experience for Subscription brands

Stop guessing why you’re losing sales. Get insights into the problems that impact retention for your Subscription brand.

Forget team silos, poor data visualization, and manual analysis. Analyze customer sentiment to optimize digital conversions, increase retention and grow your customer base.

Steve Crolic
Head of VOC, HelloFresh
Tie feedback to retention metrics

“The way we combine Chattermill insights with our sales data allows us to easily link NPS responses to our customer base and tie feedback to retention metrics.

Nilan Peiris
Chief Product Officer, Wise
Focus on the factors that matter

“Chattermill enables our team to take customer insights deeper than ever before and focus on the key factors that make a difference to our users and that drive our growth.”

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Increase retention rates

Identify cancellation reasons

Struggling to retain your customers? Understand, quantify, and prioritize churn reasons and fix them.

Analyze why your customers are leaving and see trends over time

Use segment and cohort analysis to find specific reasons by acquisition channel, product type, and customer segment

Understand how your differentiators drive customer loyalty

Inform the teams working on initiatives to reduce churn by sharing dashboards

Improve digital product experience

Create a digital journey that customers love

Is your website or app pushing your customers away? Analyze web surveys, app surveys and customer support contacts to increase user engagement and conversions.

Use customer journey dashboards to enhance usability

Identify key drivers of drops in conversions

Understand key barriers to sign ups or adding new products

Enable development teams to find and triage bugs quickly

Grow your customer base

Drive positive recommendations

Sales and Marketing is not getting the results you need? Drive word of mouth referrals by creating an outstanding customer experience.

Understand and amplify your differentiators

Establish the reasons behind positive referrals

Investigate why customers choose you over your competitors

Understand which elements of your customer experience lead to referrals

Improve Voice of Customer metrics

Analyze NPS, CSAT and customer sentiment

Stuck in the weeds with tons of manual data? Impact analysis lets you quickly discover what drives negative and positive sentiment.

Drill down into the trends that make your scores rise or fall

Prioritize the pain points that most need your attention

Reduce manual analysis with automatic feedback summaries

Compare results and measure how your metrics change over time

Reduce contact volume

Minimize contact requests to your support teams

Inundated with support queries? Get transparency into the specific reasons why customers contact support. Then focus on high-impact conversations.

Use sentiment analysis to improve chatbot success

Adjust actions in near real-time to improve customer outcomes

Run reports to prioritize what to cover in FAQs

Respond to seasonal shifts in contact volume

Help all your teams make customer-centric decisions
“The fact that Chattermill can help us consolidate and more holistically understand the voice of the customer will help everyone at Blinkist make more customer-centric decisions.”
Shaahin Shariat
Director of Research and Insights, Blinkist
One platform for all your teams

Eliminate trial and error with accurate data analysis

Avoid putting too much weight on misleading feedback. Whether you’re looking at cancellations, product issues, or recommendations, get data to support the right decisions.

Get started quickly with an intuitive interface

Import and analyse feedback from 100+ sources

Share insights by connecting to Slack, Jira, Teams, and more

“Chattermill is a game-changer that has revolutionized how we engage with feedback."
Julia Zuber
Senior Customer Insights Manager, Limehome
“With Chattermill, every department can easily understand what drives sentiment.”
Steve Crolic
Head of VoC
“Chattermill enables 
our team to uncover customer insights deeper than ever before.”
Nilan Peiris
Chief Product Officer

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