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Lyra is the only AI for CX analytics that connects customer feedback with high-level business goals

Customer experience isn’t only about servicing the immediate needs of different roles and functions. You need to see what’s changing in your data over months - even years - so you can understand how it’s impacting your business and customers.


CX awards 2024 best generative artificial intelligence

Influence long-term strategy and vision with technology designed for CX

The problem

Feedback analytics that starts with tactics
undermines your customer experience

Today, linking tactical issues to strategic pillars is essential for CX. The disconnection between strategy and tactics is made worse by the difficulty of difficulty of relying on a single AI approach.

CX isn’t only about tactical decisions

Successful customer feedback programs don’t split out strategic and tactical elements - they include both. Businesses need tactical answers that inform their overall CX strategy.

Your CX needs to scale faster for growth

Scaling with CX can be a key catalyst for growth. However, even with AI technology, compiling vast quantities of data from multiple sources can be crushing to set up and maintain.

Technology is sold as the end goal

This often starts with a misalignment between the hype and expectations of AI. Because technology is not aligned with core CX and business objectives, it ends in disappointing results.


Push beyond the status quo

Forrester reports that more than 80% of business leaders indicate that improving CX is a high priority, but just 6% of brands actually saw a significant increase last year.

The challenge with using AI to close this gap is that many feedback analytics tools don’t bridge the tactical and strategic divide so that find-and-fix methods can be aligned with organizational goals. Lyra was built to close this gap by using a blend of AI models to solve specific challenges in CX. So that businesses can measure success in terms of outcomes like retention, acquistion, and churn.

The Challenges

The hype around AI can lead to use of technology where it is not a good fit, increasing failure risk
Focusing on AI can lead to ignoring a broader set of AI techniques that are a better fit for CX use cases
Not all technology enables functionalities like mixed sentiment analysis or consistent answers every time


The top choice for teams looking for a platform built to improve customer experience

See how CX leaders use Lyra to improve customer experiences and drive positive change  in their industry.

Profile picture of Jonathan Beirne, VOC expert at Music Magpie

Consistently returns the same answers

“We quickly realised that using AI for sentiment analysis provides more accuracy, but most importantly, it’s consistent, gives us more context, and eliminates human bias. It’s the same logic day in and day out that we can rely on.”
Jonathan Beirne
Voice of the Customer Expert at Music Magpie
Profile picture of Jasper Lim,
Senior Customer Insights at Faire

Unique mixed sentiment

“Understanding mixed sentiment is the biggest benefit here. It allows us to identify the things that are causing customers to be neutral and the things we need to do to turn them into promoters.”
Jasper Lim
Senior Customer Insights at Faire

Superior analytics capabilities

“Chattermill unifies our customer experience data, examines it at scale using deep learning AI, and provides insights that aid us in understanding customer experience at an incredibly granular, actionable level.”
Harsha Gavarna
Former Strategy & Ops Lead at Uber

Don’t settle for good enough

Not all types of AI are created equal

Many businesses want to adopt AI, but not all AI is fit for purpose, even as it is becoming critical for differentiation and sometimes survival. The key to making the most of new technology is to invest in specialized AI designed for CX. By looking for a solution that combines AI techniques to deliver better accuracy and transparency, you can improve outcomes for strategic and tactical CX.

CX leaders need AI made for CX:

Provide insights by identifying the drivers of feedback and analyzing pain points across the customer journey
Unify customer data in one platform that is embedded in all the teams involved in CX
Process massive volumes of data while maintaining enterprise-level security and compliance standards


Influence long-term strategy and vision

Make CX a cross-team sport that requires every team to overcome silos, understand how they can improve the customer experience, and combine their efforts.

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Shine a spotlight on VoC metrics

You can analyze NPS, CSAT and other metrics to quickly understand what’s driving negative and positive sentiment.

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Improve products and services

You can understand the differentiators of your products and services to gain competitive advantage.

Journey map icon

Understand the customer journey

Mapping customer journeys allows you to maximize growth through repeat purchases, upselling and cross-selling opportunities.

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Improve retention

Understand why loyal customers come back to  fix the problems that prevent one-time purchasers from returning.

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Increase profitability

Get insights into the drivers of high spenders and which products have the highest basket values.


Enable sustained growth and success

Deliver superior experiences and value for your customers across the whole customer journey.

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Provide frictionless experiences

Reduce friction in your customer journeys and learn where you’re falling short on customer expectations.

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Foster brand loyalty

Reward your most profitable customers to create a positivity loop that keeps existing customers happy and attracts new ones.

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Improve customer satisfaction

Analyze feedback with precision and at scale to design the ideal experience that drives positive reviews.

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Reduce support contacts

Anticipate seasonal shifts in contact volume, improve chatbot success, and respond to trending problems.

Steve Crolic profile picture
Steve Crolic
Associate director of voice of the customer
“With Chattermill unifying and analysing all of our customer feedback captured at different stages of the customer journey, we are able to uncover powerful insights and scale best in class customer experience.”
Read Steve’s story


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For businesses that care about using customer feedback to improve product and services, accurately mapping customer journeys, and shining a spotlight on voice of customer metrics, Lyra - Chattermill’s AI technology - is here to help.

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