Customer Feedback Analytics

Understand At Scale What Your Customers Really Think

Chattermill helps you find out what your customers really think about your products, operations, and customer experience by analysing customer feedback at scale using AI, and delivering meaningful intelligence that enables you to see and act on the customer reality.

Image portraying chattermill product featureImage portraying chattermill product featureImage portraying chattermill product feature

Make more customer-centric, retention-driving decisions

Chattermill enables innovative brands like yours to make decisions based on what their customers actually want. Get a holistic view of your customers, take the actions needed to drive customer loyalty and retention, and deliver meaningful impact.

Create a single source of customer truth

Understand all of your customers’ feedback, all of the time – no matter how much customer feedback data you collect. Chattermill integrates with all of your tools, across all channels, to create an intelligent, accurate source of customer truth.

Image portraying chattermill product feature
Image portraying chattermill product feature

See trends emerge as they’re happening, react when it matters most

Uncover trends, patterns, and what’s driving customer loyalty and retention in real-time, instantly react to urgent topics that negatively impact your customer experience, and easily access the intelligence you need to drive better customer experiences.

Create a shared understanding of customers across your organisation

See what’s holding your brand back from delivering exceptional customer experiences. Discover where you need to improve your product, logistics, and experiences, and make decisions based on what your customers actually want.

Image portraying chattermill product feature
Chattermill customer photo
“Chattermill allows us to solve problems faster and put customer feedback at the heart of what we do”
Barney Hussey Yeo,
CEO at Cleo

Trusted by teams at the world’s best customer-centric brands.

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