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Master your customer feedback with this series of focused demos.

Introduction to Theme Structure

Our powerful AI creates theme structures to cut through the noise, and surface insightful customer sentiment about your brand, product, or service.

Chattermill dashboard

Custom Segments

Segment your user groups to prioritize product development and tailor exceptional service for your priority customer segments.

Chattermill dashboard

Share Comment Report

Use shareable comment reports to ensure important customer feedback is seen by key decision makers at the right time.

Chattermill dashboard

Reports: Chart Types

Reports allows you to visualize your data in a series of charts, tracking everything from high-level trends to granular metric changes.

Chattermill dashboard

Sentiment Distribution

Zoom in on customer sentiment to understand which drivers have the greatest impact on your customer experience.

Chattermill dashboard


Use dashboards to create compelling stories with your data tailored to the relevant stakeholder, and turn figures into actionable insights.

Chattermill dashboard


Workflows automates the manual process of tracking and monitoring important customer feedback and metrics,and instantly shares the right information with the right people.

Chattermill dashboard

Manage Tags

Adding custom tags to your comments lets you add an even more granular level of analysis to your feedback.

Chattermill dashboard

Comment Export

Chattermill exports can be pushed back to your Data Warehouse, or uploaded to data visualization tools for additional layers of enrichment and analysis.

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Measure customer sentiment to understand the drivers that have the greatest impact on your customer experience.


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