Discover the "why" behind customer behavior in retail

A CDP provides a great picture of what your customers are doing with you. But it doesn’t tell you why they are doing it. Customer feedback data is the missing link. See how Chattermill helps retail brands prevent churn, increase AOV and improve loyalty by analyzing feedback data.

The choice of customer obsessed retail brands

Customer feedback analytics benefits for retailers

We've worked with hundreds of retail brands and distilled the most common use cases and biggest benefits of analyzing customer feedback data.

Churn prevention

Solve churn at the source and identify the route cause to why your customers are leaving you. Use these insights to ensure you’re not just throwing meaningless offers to make them stay.

VIP cultivation & loyalty

Identify the customers with the highest lifetime value and compare them to your low-value customers to determine the gaps in your loyalty schemes. Use these insights to drive growth and loyalty.

Increase basket size

Locate which categories, products, and trends resonate with key segments, determine individual predicted product affinities, and make targeted improvements to increase average order size.

Prevent churn

Chattermill’s AI-powered platform analyzes data and unstructured feedback to uncover the key themes and issues driving customers away. Combine this with CDP data to detect emerging churn reasons and fix critical issues before it starts impacting your bottom line.

Understand what drives churn and prevent it

Eliminate guesswork and focus only on the themes and issue that are important to your customers

Monitor real-time data to stay on top of emerging issues

Improve customer retention & loyalty

Chattermill's real-time insights help you uncover what is making customers come back again and again. Amplify the positive drivers of loyalty and understand the real reasons why your loyal customers stay with you.

Keep customers returning and promote better customer loyalty

Understand how to boost repeat purchases and AOVs

Understand where you need to invest to drive repeat purchases

Increase customer lifetime value

Chattermill’s powerful AI allows you to easily pinpoint where you need to improve to increase customer lifetime value and spend per customer. Combine this with CDP data to understand what your highest spending customers value the most about your brand and your products.

Increase your share of high spending customers

Boost NPS and scale best-in-class customer experiences

Use predictive AI insights to drive revenue and growth

Understand the voice of your customers with feedback analytics built for retail

See how our AI-powered platform allows you to get automated customer insights that drive growth.

  • Automatically tag and analyze unstructured feedback, review, support and social data 
in realtime
  • Identify the real drivers of positive and negative sentiment, NPS changes, CSAT fluctuations and more
  • Improve your product, operations, and customer support to deliver better customer-centric experiences
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