Track and share critical customer insights, automatically

There are risks and opportunities hiding in your customer reviews, support tickets, and conversations. But large volumes of feedback make it difficult to catch and address them early on. Workflows allow you to discover challenges, align with teams, and close CX gaps.

Image portraying chattermill product featureImage portraying chattermill product featureImage portraying chattermill product feature

Set up personalized workflows for the things you care most about

"How did we not see this coming?" is the last question anyone wants to hear from an executive. With automated workflows, you can cut through the noise and stay on top of the insights that matter most. Personalize alerts – new customer responses, a change in net sentiment, or NPS – and customize them to the business areas that are most relevant.

Image portraying chattermill product feature

Schedule alerts to discover red flags and incidents

There's nothing worse than missing early warning signs. Get notified when important events happen – think safety incidents, shipments slowed, or supply shortages – and keep your fingers on the pulse. It's quick to add an alert to your workflow, and it's just as easy to remove them when they're not relevant.

Image portraying chattermill product feature
Image portraying chattermill product feature

Trigger regular updates to your team and execs

If you want to deliver a five-star customer experience, you and your team need to see and seize opportunities before it's too late. That's why Chattermill makes it easy to trigger important updates to be sent to your colleagues without them having to log in to the platform.

Integrate with your tech stack

Using Chattermill for Slack, you'll get key weekly insights in Slack. We'll  inform you about what's happening in your customers' world, ensuring you won't miss important updates or red flags. And with the bonus of a weekly digest sent straight to your inbox, you'll find intel in no time at all.

Image portraying chattermill product feature

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