See CX insights from every angle

Arm your team with custom dashboards that automatically update in real-time. It's your shared workspace to fuel collaboration, break down silos, and stay in sync.

Image portraying chattermill product featureImage portraying chattermill product feature

Visualize your key metrics

It now takes seconds to create a user-friendly dashboard for you and your team. Just take your most important metrics, charts, and tables, and add them to your custom dashboards with a few clicks. Zoom in on details, then click on any data point to tap into all the nuances.

Image portraying chattermill product feature

See the full picture

Dashboards let you gauge customer feedback across different areas of your business – CX, support, product, retail stores, just about anything – all without manual effort. Pull data from any segment or team, and get an accurate picture of what's happening – all in one place.

Image portraying chattermill product feature
Image portraying chattermill product feature

Keep your team informed

Without a single source of truth – alignment, cooperation, and impact are impossible. Share dashboards to keep everyone on the same page, anywhere and everywhere. Now each team has access to real-time data, reports on the same metrics, and aligns on strategic initiatives.

Spend less time updating and more time making an impact

Manually updating spreadsheets and presentations is a hassle – and making sure each department is using the most up-to-date intelligence is near-impossible. With Chattermill, you can easily export your dashboards and ensure everyone has access to a single source of truth.

Image portraying chattermill product feature
Seamless integrations with your tools

Integrate feedback data from any source to get insights

Chattermill natively integrates with over 50+ different customer feedback channels giving you and your teams a single source of customer truth.

Get started quickly with pre-built connectors

Import and analyse feedback from any source

Share insights by connecting to Slack, Jira, Teams, and more

“Chattermill is a game-changer that has revolutionized how we engage with feedback."
Julia Zuber
Senior Customer Insights Manager, Limehome
“With Chattermill, every department can easily understand what drives sentiment.”
Steve Crolic
Head of VoC
“Chattermill enables 
our team to uncover customer insights deeper than ever before.”
Nilan Peiris
Chief Product Officer

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