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Detect Emerging Risks Faster with AI-Powered Alerts

Stay on guard and get ahead of potential risks with automated Alerts. With built-in anomaly detection, you can identify and respond to incidents and data spikes faster, while keeping your team in the loop.

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Identify and diagnose issues faster

Quickly identify important incidents and anomalies in your data - from product quality issues to incidents in logistics, operations, and more.

Automated Anomaly Detection

Our advanced AI algorithms monitor your metrics and detect any significant anomalies, based on the expected range of your data.

Fast & Proactive

Get notified about important events ​​- think safety incidents, shipments slowed, or supply shortages -  as soon as they happen.

360-Degree Monitoring

Monitor issues across all feedback channels - app reviews, support tickets, social media posts, and others.

Customize alerts your own way

Easily set up customized alerts about the topic of your choice - from product quality issues to a higher volume of support contacts. Configure the frequency of alerts, specify recipients, and manage notifications.

Intelligent Filters

Break down by themes, data sources, or user segments to tailor notifications to specific business areas.

Adjust Frequency & Sensitivity

Adjust the settings to tune the frequency and sensitivity of your alert.

Manage Alerts from One Place

Easily mark issues as resolved or needing attention, and track who has been alerted for clear visibility.

Investigate and respond proactively

Gain valuable insights into unusual patterns and trends, take proactive action, and keep your teams in the loop.

Insights & Visualizations

Understand the underlying data behind alerts with detailed insights and visualizations to help you work out the best course of action.

Jira Integration

Convert any Alert into a Jira ticket, ensuring your Product and Engineering teams are promptly informed when action is required.

Automated Notifications

Automatically trigger email and Slack notifications when Chattermill detects an unusual spike in your feedback volume.


Plug-and-play integrations with your favourite tools

From Slack, Jira to Microsoft Teams — connect all the tools, processes, and data your organization relies on securely with Chattermill. This allows you and your team to easily communicate and share insights without disrupting your work.

Trusted by the most customer-centric brands

Jonathan Beirne

Chief Customer Officer

"Chattermill’s Alerts give us the comfort that we’re not missing the early warning signs whenever things go wrong. Throughout the peak shopping season, Anomaly Alerts notified us about the issues literally within just 60 seconds. We could immediately see the feed of examples and fix the problem right away.

Since then, we’ve got that comfort that Chattermill is always looking for any potential risks and incidents, even if the volume of complaints is really low. We’re using it to monitor the entire customer journey and to discover any critical issues with delivery, payments, or product quality which would normally go unnoticed."

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Christian Seebacher

Head of Guest Relations

“With Anomaly Alerts and notifications on Slack, we can uncover any incidents or defects in specific properties and quickly assign guests to other apartments until the problems are solved on-site. We can also identify complaints about our customer service or partners' misconduct. I can easily understand what issues we have to tackle in my team or how to take a more proactive approach to solve the problem.”

Jade Roberts

General Manager, Customer Experience

"During the last high-shopping season, all the carriers in the UK struggled with major disruptions and late deliveries. We set up Anomaly Alerts and monitored the sentiment for all the carriers day by day. When customers were frustrated with one carrier, we could switch to another one. And if some packages were lost, we could quickly discover the issue among thousands of comments in Chattermill, proactively reach out to the customer, solve the problem and win them back."

See Chattermill in action

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