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The State of CX Intelligence Report

The biggest insights and trends from 150+ CX leaders working at the world’s best brands.

The State of CX Intelligence Report

Navigating Customer Retention During the Cost of Living Crisis

Download our eBook to learn how to manage customer retention during the cost of living crisis

How to Uncover What’s Really Driving Your Net Promoter Score

In this eBook, we discuss why NPS is still relevant, why understanding the reasons behind what’s driving your NPS is business-critical, and how to uncover what’s positively and negatively impacting your NPS score.

NPS eBook cover

The State of CX in Fashion

In this eBook, we analyse over 150,000 real-world customer reviews from Zara, New Look, H&M, Next, and ASOS to uncover what the current state of play is in the fashion industry.

Thumbail Image of State of CX in Fashion Report Front Cover

Why You Need To Add Social CX Analytics To Your CX Program

Whether you like it or not, social media is already an integral part of your brand’s customer experience. But gleaning insight from social media data can be challenging. In this eBook, we discuss how social is changing the CX landscape, what Social CX Analytics is, who it’s for, and how it will help you better understand your customers.

The Complete Guide to Customer Retention

In this eBook, we discuss why customers leave companies, why retention is business-critical, and share some actionable steps you can take to improve retention within your organisation.

The State of CX in Travel, Tourism and Hospitality

In this eBook, we take a deep dive into the state of customer experience in the travel, tourism, and hospitality industry, exploring the current state of play, what you need to do better understand your customers, and how artificial intelligence can help.

Will Zara’s New Returns Policy Leave Them Counting the Cost?

Download our eBook to learn what Zara’s new returns policy means for their customer experience.

The Netflix Dilemma: How To Understand Why Your Customers Are Leaving You

Download our eBook to learn what’s gone wrong at Netflix, and how to solve customer retention issues.

The CX Leaders Intelligent Guide To Growth

Download your copy of our latest eBook, exploring how customer-centric leaders can make Unified Customer Intelligence their retention and growth engine.

Great eCXpectations: How to Deliver the CX Your Customers Really Want

Discover how customer expectations are changing, how to find out what your customers really want, and how to deliver experiences that meet their expectations in this insight-packed eBook.

Redefining Customer Experience in FinTech

Learn what the current CX challenges are in FinTech, how to solve them, and how to compete on customer experience – with insights from Atom Bank, Happy Money, Moneybox, and Chattermill.

Customer Support Trends

Based on research from customers and 339 global customer-focused leaders from key customer-facing functions, Chattermill’s Customer Support Trends 2022 Report uncovers everything you need to know to delight your customers next year and beyond.

How To Improve CX in Fashion and Retail

The Ultimate Guide to Radically Improving Customer Experience For Your Fashion and Retail Brand.

CX Fashion Handbook

How to Win in a Rapidly Changing Fashion Industry.

CX Excellence Handbook

Insights from the CX Leaders of JustEat, Wise, DoorDash, LinkedIn, Calvin Klein and CXM.

The Customer Feedback Analysis Starter Kit

Learn how to craft and develop a customer feedback analysis process at your company.

Scaling CX Playbook

The definitive guide on how to scale CX the right way.

The Customer Churn Analysis Starter Kit

A starter kit to help you conduct churn analysis on your customer base.

The Customer Satisfaction Manual

A manual to help you skyrocket your customer satisfaction metrics.

The Ultimate Guide to CX Surveys

The Ultimate Guide to Designing and Analysing CX Surveys

Cult Of The Customer Chapter 1 & 2

Chapters 1 & 2 from the book Cult of the Customer by world renowned CX Consultant Shep Hyken

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