Insight Assistant

Meet Insight Assistant.
A game-changing resource for your team.

Discover more insights in less time with our context-aware GPT technology.

AI-powered summarizations at high speed

Analyze customer feedback 10X faster. Insight Assistant transforms noisy support tickets, chat conversations, customer surveys, and other long text into digestible and accurate summaries with powerful insights.

Your co-pilot for smarter prioritization

Use Insight Assistant to prioritize which customer concerns need to be solved first. Identify the most pressing issues and frequently mentioned phrases and turn them into action items and recommendations within your reports.

A real team player for higher productivity

What used to take hours, now takes a few seconds. Free your team from repetitive and time-consuming tasks, and forget about reading through thousands of comments. Let Insight Assistant identify the most important highlights, saving you time and energy.

One AI tool, best-in-class insights

Insight Assistant's AI Engine leverages a cross-section of the best LLM models - including GPT-4. That's why it excels in pinpointing more relevant, granular, and contextually intelligent insights.

"Insight Assistant has brought our feedback to life, saving us a lot of time in the process. Now, we can quickly see the complete picture of what's happening within the large data sets, with contextual examples presented in seconds."
Jonathan Beirne,
Chief Customer Officer

Understand the voice of your customers in realtime

See how our AI-powered platform allows you to get automated customer insights that drive growth.

  • Automatically tag and analyze unstructured feedback, review, support and social data 
in realtime
  • Identify the real drivers of positive and negative sentiment, NPS changes, CSAT fluctuations and more
  • Improve your product, operations, and customer support to deliver better customer-centric experiences
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