Prioritize the improvements that impact your metrics

Struggling to decide which initiative
to do first?

Tie customer feedback directly to your metrics and KPIs.
So you can determine the initiatives that have the greatest impact for your customers and the business.

Align insights with your key metrics

The #1 platform for leading companies that match the customer voice across all their teams

Leaders in customer experience base their prioritization decisions on data
The Problem

You’re running initiatives that don’t improve your customer experience

You’re struggling to analyze customer feedback and align insights with KPIs
Decisions are based on gut feeling or incomplete data
You can’t focus on areas that impact customer satisfaction and business growth

Track the impact of improvements on your customer experience metrics

Pinpoint the specific issues behind low scores, define goals for your metrics, and see how you’re progressing in real-time.

Access a Goldmine of Customer Generated Ideas
Understand the drivers of your customer experience scores
"The way we combine Chattermill insights with our sales data allows us to easily link NPS responses to our customer base and tie feedback to retention metrics."
Steve Crolic
Associate Director Voice of the Customer
Prove the value of CX initiatives

Prioritize high impact strategic initiatives

Frustrated with short-term decision-making? Prioritize investments based on profitability and customer experience.

Use customer feedback to decrease returns and abandoned carts, maximize order value, and drive sales

Validate your assumptions and see if things are getting better

Make confident decisions that are backed by quantified insights

Compare results and measure how your metrics change

Know where to focus

Improve critical business metrics

Noticed a significant drop in your NPS or CSAT? Analyze why your metrics change and improve customer satisfaction.

Diagnose why your NPS and customer sentiment rise or fall

Identify the improvements that increase scores

Reduce the number of customer contacts

Uncover the impact of negative feedback on acquisition, revenue, and retention

Fix high impact problems

Identify customer pain points faster

Struggling to identify why customers churn? Get straight to the root cause to prevent making wrong investments.

Discover reasons for product returns, refunds, and cancellations

Identify main contact reasons through AI-generated summaries

Uncover the drivers and early indicators of churn

Monitor emerging risks in real-time with anomaly detection

Automate data analysis

Boost productivity in every team

Unable to analyze customer feedback at scale? Use AI to streamline your team's work for maximum productivity.

Save hours of manual analysis with AI-generated insights for top quality and consistency

Enhance teamwork across the organization with interactive team dashboards

Keep your teams informed with automated reports and anomaly alerts

Access a Goldmine of Customer Generated Ideas
Understand why your scores rise or fall
“Chattermill's Impact Analysis allows us to understand why our NPS score dropped last month, or what’s causing our first-time buyers to become detractors. It’s a great way to understand which trends impact our NPS and understand the ‘why’ behind our score.”
Jade Roberts
Head of CX, Monica Vinader

Quickly find the biggest impact opportunities

Pinpoint the specific issues behind low scores, define goals for your metrics, and see how you’re progressing in real-time.

Get started quickly with an intuitive interface

Link data from surveys, online reviews, product feedback, and more

Share charts and comment feeds to easily loop in relevant teams

Add an unlimited number of users for no extra cost

Prove the value of customer experience to stakeholders

Prioritize strategic initiatives with the highest impact

Filter for anything (because every team wants different granular detail)

Share insights by connecting Chattermill to Slack, Jira, Teams, and more

Benefit from expert managed services support

Use accurate Machine Learning to detect emerging trends

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Join top organizations who unify their customer data across the whole company

“Chattermill is a game-changer that has revolutionized how we engage with feedback."
Julia Zuber
Senior Customer Insights Manager, Limehome
“With Chattermill, every department can easily understand what drives sentiment.”
Steve Crolic
Head of VoC
“Chattermill enables 
our team to uncover customer insights deeper than ever before.”
Nilan Peiris
Chief Product Officer

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