What is Black Friday costing you?

Is your Black Friday strategy designed to get you customers for life or cause lasting damage to customer loyalty? Find out the hidden costs of running poorly designed campaigns and what you can do to turn Black Friday into a long term customer acquisition channel.

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The hidden costs of Black Friday

Black Friday is a great opportunity to increase sales and acquire new customers, but other than the financial cost of promotions and discounts, what are the main CX and VoC costs of running Black Friday campaigns?

Increased contact center enquiries

Increased sales lead to a sudden influx of contact center and support enquiries - which can negatively impact your CSAT.

Reduced NPS

The incentive of lower prices and flash sales means that you can attract less loyal customers, which will impact your NPS.

Increased returns

The increase in Black Friday sales usually results in a big increase in returns in the weeks that follow and a big financial and reputation hit.

Increased contact center enquiries

A influx in contact center and support enquiries is a given around Black Friday and in the following weeks. But given that 50% of customers switch to a competitor after one bad experience, are you prepared to quickly react to the biggest issues and find out why customers are getting in touch in the first place?

See how you can analyze support interactions to:

Understand what’s driving CSAT scores

Uncover the reasons why customers get in touch

Get alerts when there’s a spike or dip in your metrics

Reduced NPS

Heavy discounts result in an increase in new customers which typically aren't loyal buyers. You’ve got a bunch of new customers, but how do you keep them coming back after your Black Friday sales are finished and keep your NPS high?

Chattermilll makes it easy to analyze NPS and CSAT surveys to find what’s actually driving customer retention.

Understand what experiences drive customer retention

Link product performance data with customer feedback

Analyze transactional data alongside NPS and CSAT

Increased returns

Returns impact brands more than ever after Black Friday sale events . Logistics challenges and product issues lead to unhappy customers and huge reputation and financial costs. So how do you avoid lasting damage, find out the granular reasons for returns and identify problematic product lines?

Chattermill enables you to analyze returns data to:

Understand the main reasons for returns

Flag product issues and highlight emerging pain points

Connect multiple data points to pinpoint problem areas

Understand the voice of your customers in realtime

See how our AI-powered platform allows you to get automated customer insights that drive growth.

  • Automatically tag and analyze unstructured feedback, review, support and social data 
in realtime
  • Identify the real drivers of positive and negative sentiment, NPS changes, CSAT fluctuations and more
  • Improve your product, operations, and customer support to deliver better customer-centric experiences
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