“Chattermill's platform has transformed our focus on customers' needs. We can measure the impact of customers complaining about packaging, quality of ingredients, or recipe instructions, on retention and revenue."

Average Order Value increased by 30%
Revenue multiplied by 5x over the last 5 years
Average number of orders per customer grew by 4%


With years of revenue growth and product expansion, HelloFresh has a strong focus on retaining existing customers and applying a customer-centric mindset across new markets. The team chose Chattermill to measure the sentiment behind customer feedback, understand the impact of customer experience on revenue and retention, and empower internal teams with strategic guidance for innovation.

Understanding Customer Sentiment in Any Business Area

Chattermill has worked with HelloFresh for the last 8 years, empowering every team to act on customer feedback.

For example, Culinary Teams use Chattermill to fine-tune their cooking instructions to reduce complexity and enhance enjoyment through understanding the sentiment about their recipes. Operational Teams optimize their supply chain and delivery process by tracking insights about the quality of ingredients and their suppliers, and Product Teams use Chattermill to improve their experience with HelloFresh by easily understanding the user's pain points in the mobile app and on the website.

One innovation that resulted from Chattermill is HelloFresh’s recyclable insulation pouch, used to ship ice and proteins to destinations and to keep ingredients fresh.

"We noticed that in some markets like Germany, customer feedback and sentiment were strongly related to the sustainability of our packaging. As a result, our team developed a fully recyclable insulation pouch that protects ingredient quality and substantially reduces the amount of plastic materials required for each shipment. Customers who received the new insulation pouch had 33% fewer cancellations related to our packaging."

Using Chattermill to Drive Retention

Apart from providing strategic guidance for innovation, Chattermill plays a substantial role in how HelloFresh analyzes, understands, and improves customer retention.

Using a data-driven approach, HelloFresh discovered a clear link between NPS score, sentiment, and retention and determined that each NPS point is worth a specific amount in revenue.

"The way we combine Chattermill insights with our sales data allows us to easily link NPS responses to our customer base and tie feedback to retention metrics," says Steve Crolic. "When we look at aggregated response data, it’s evident that higher scores and higher retention go hand-in-hand, so understanding these CX score drivers is imperative," he adds.

As a result, the team can estimate the cost of alleviating a CX pain point, evaluate the financial impact of improving the sentiment around a particular theme, and provide strategic guidance to reduce churn and improve retention.

Over the last year, HelloFresh has grown significantly in both Customer Lifetime value and across broader business metrics in the US. The Average Order Value (AOV) increased by 30% and the average number of orders per customer grew by 4%. Globally, their revenue multiplied by 5 times, and in the US, it has multiplied by 6 times over the last five years.

Steve Crolic
“With Unified Customer Intelligence, every department can easily understand what drives sentiment up or down, monitor how it changes over time, and identify key areas for improvement.”
Steve Crolic
Associate Director Voice of the Customer

HelloFresh Group is the world's leading meal-kit company operating in 18 countries –including the US, UK, Australia, Canada, Germany, France and Denmark. In 2022, the company reached 7.1 million customers and delivered over 1 billion meals, hitting 7.6 billion euros of net revenue.

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