Zenloop's NPS collection tool allows customers to understand where they should focus to drive the maximum return on customer experience.



Connect your Zenloop data to Chattermill to easily analyse and get actionable insights from your customer feedback data.

We will use our custom-trained AI capabilities to unearth the specific themes that are driving positive and negative sentiment at scale. You can use our in-depth capabilities to build custom charts and dashboards to dive deep into customer feedback across different customer segments. It's never been easier to find out how people feel about your company and your product.


We will integrate with your Zenloop account via API for seamless ingestion and analysis of data. All we need is an authorisation token.

You can easily get this token from your Zenloop's settings page.


Do I need a Zenloop account to get started?

Yes, we will need your authorisation credentials to start ingesting data to classify in Chattermill. The process is very simple and straightforward but you can always contact us in case of any questions.


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