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Unified Customer Intelligence

Unify your customer experience analytics to discover insights across the customer journey 10x faster

Analyse everything your customers are telling you across feedback, support and conversations
Uncover trends, patterns, and what’s driving customer loyalty and retention in real-time
Dedicated Customer Success Managers, Insight Analysts and professional services offerings
Automated alerts and notifications to notify you when new trends emerge or issues arise
SSO, user management and API access to manage large organisations
Native integrations with 50+ different sources of customer feedback and support data

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Features and services




A channel is a single source of customer feedback, such as an NPS survey, CSAT survey, Online reviews or App Store reviews. Our most advanced customers use unify multiple channels of customer feedback within Chattermill to discover novel insights across the customer journey and scale their Customer Experience.


Custom volumes of customer feedback responses and comments.




Models are what we use to analyse your data. Our most powerful models are custom built and trained on your own existing datasets to produce the most granular and accurate levels of customer insight.


An attribute is usually operational or transactional data passed with each piece of customer feedback. For example, a customers location, the products bought or the customer care agent they spoke to.


Integrations differ depending on the use case and are fully bespoke.  

Our bespoke plans include advanced and custom integrations depending on your requirements.


Full customer support and a Customer Success Manager

Infosec and Legal Review

Trusted by customer obsessed brands

Nilan Peiris
Nilan Peiris

"Chattermill enables our teams at Wise to take customer insights deeper than ever before“

Steve Crolic
Steve Crolic
Associate Director

"Chattermill helps us easily understand and keep track of our key customer experience drivers“

Hello fresh
kristy Macdonald
Kirsty Macdonald
Head of CX

"Chattermill enables us to truly connect with our customers and identify complex pain points“

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