Redefining Customer Experience in FinTech

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Customer experience in FinTech – and in the banking sector more broadly – is being redefined. Today, FinTech companies are placing more value on CX to compete in a landscape where both new and existing consumers are looking for better experiences.

Learn what the current CX challenges are in FinTech, how to solve them, and how to compete on customer experience – with insights from Atom Bank, Happy Money, Moneybox, and Chattermill.

What You'll Learn

How customer expectations have changed in the past 18-24 months

Digital adoption. Rising customer expectations. Ethical and social values. Find out what customers want in today’s customer-first world of FinTech.

Customer experience challenges in FinTech

Overcoming trust issues. Being secure in a big data world. Overcoming continuing covid challenges. Find out what the data says about some of the biggest challenges in FinTech today.

How FinTech companies can compete on customer experience

Supporting customers’ digital adoption. Investing in offline AND offline. Being more than a bank. Learn everything you need to ensure your brand can compete on customer experience.

Why we need a more unified, intelligent approach to CX

Find clarity among chaos. Get a comprehensive view of users as they interact across customer touchpoints. It’s time for a more unified, intelligent approach to CX.