"Chattermill lets us see the big picture when it comes to what our customers are saying. We want to radically improve people’s relationship with money. Garnering insight from our customers' feedback is at the core of how we do this."

2x growth in NPS in the US
Hit 4 million users
Increased team to 90+ people


Cleo is like your bank if they actually cared. With her distinct tone of voice, she helps people understand their spending habits and manage their money. In September 2018, Cleo had fewer than 20 people in the team and a user base of around 560,000. They had an alpha version of the product in the US but the majority of our customers were in the UK. Cleo lived in Facebook Messenger – there was no mobile app.

Transcending regions and silos

Nuances in language are of paramount importance for Cleo. With a rapidly growing user base in two different countries, with cultural differences in slang and speech, we needed a way to understand customer feedback at a granular level.

We also wanted to determine factors that were driving our NPS in the UK and the US.

Chattermill's technology helped Cleo analyse in-app customer feedback from the start, being the key solution to identify high level feedback on different areas of the product.

Letting the customer's voice shine through

Chattermill helped Cleo measure the success of new features. One of our most popular features – Roast Mode – was inspired by spending time listening to the feedback from our Cleo Community. Chattermill signalled that feature as a hit once the tags “Tone of Voice” and “Levels of Engagement” came out as two of our most popular.

Chattermill also signalled to the team that there was strong demand for a dedicated app. As a result, Cleo went away and built one. Cleo built their most popular features to date as a result of clear and easily accessible feedback insights provided by Chattermill.

When a user types, ‘Roast Me’ to Cleo, she will respond with all sorts of grief-oriented comments related to your spending habits. Chattermill highlighted that it’s Cleo's most popular feature to date based on positive net sentiment, and confirmed the case for developing a distinctive tone of voice.

Barnaby Hussey-Yeo
"Chattermill allows us to solve customer problems faster. It puts customer feedback at the heart of what we do. Allowing us to analyse, synthesise and act on hundreds of thousands of pieces of individual feedback data points."
Barnaby Hussey-Yeo
Founder & CEO

Originated in the UK and now also operating in the US, Cleo is a fast-growing fintech pioneer with over 300 employees and over 4 million users.

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