How MOO boosted product NPS over 200% by combining sources of feedback

NPS increased for a specific product


Percentage of company unified CX insights are shared with daily


Increase in NPS for a specific region


About Moo

MOO is an online print company that makes premium business cards, stationery, photo books, and more. It is committed to sustainability and innovation, and offers a satisfaction guarantee and award-winning customer service.

“Chattermill has played a pivotal role in swifly spotting operational issues to enhance our physical product and online experience.”
Dan Moross
Director of Customer Experience

Blending quantity with quality of insight

MOO had been getting strong NPS and customer feedback, but wanted to improve the quantity and quality of insight they were capturing in order to improve the speed they responded to and recovered detractors.

Chattermill were ready to wow MOO with their powerful text analytics and simple but effective reporting tools. So, in order to enrich existing analysis, Chattermill designed and deployed bespoke theme structures built to interpret theme and sentiment insights across customer feedback from multiple data sources.

Effortless measurement of customer sentiment

Chattermill identified and validated the challenges to improve the customer experience at MOO and set to work on enabling each piece of customer feedback to be analysed in near real time.

To make this scalable, Chattermill's tools helped MOO disseminate customer insights across the wider organisation through powerful and easy to use reporting that allowed the right person to receive customer feedback at the right time to take action on.

Unifying MOO's customer experience analytics boosted their NPS for a specific product by over 200% through the actionable insights discover in Chattermill's analytics. Specifically, it helped increase their NPS for North America by over 20pts after identifying an opportunity to amplify their customers checkout experience.

Each team at MOO is empowered to create their own reports and effortlessly track customer sentiment in the areas they are responsible for. This enables both leaders and frontline employees to quickly spot and address any operational issue or wider market shift.

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