"We benefited from Chattermill significantly, but most importantly, we gave our customers a louder voice. Today, whenever we receive any written communication from a customer, my first thought is always - how do we get that into Chattermill?”

70,000 customer contacts analysed within Chattermill AI each month
3 teams leverage Chattermill to make informed decisions
200 hours saved monthly for the customer support team


musicMagpie is known as the #1 platform for buying and selling refurbished tech and physical media products in the UK. With over nine million users and counting, the company considers customer experience the key component of its business strategy. However, it can be overwhelming when a high-volume transaction business receives over 70,000 customer contacts each month. The company previously relied on the Customer Support team to manually tag conversations for further analysis. 

Why musicMagpie Chose Chattermill

Chattermill helped musicMagpie by unifying their customer feedback - from live chat conversations through support tickets, online reviews, customer surveys, and even feedback widgets on their website - and then replacing their manual tagging efforts with an intelligent theme structure and in-depth analysis with AI-based insights.

Jonathan Beirne, musicMagpie’s Chief Customer Officer, discovered the value of Chattermill’s data unification and AI-based insights.

“By bringing all that data together, we can see clearly where issues and pain points are happening in the customer journey. Sometimes when we look at our dashboard in Chattermill, we can see it in seconds,” says Beirne.

Customer Experience Improvements with Chattermill

These AI-based insights helped answer critical questions and improve many aspects of the business at some level: from product quality to packaging and pricing. Most importantly, Chattermill became an essential platform, especially during the peak seasons, when retailers braced for logistical and customer service challenges.  

In addition, Jonathan and his team set up Anomaly Alerts to be proactively notified of any important events or incidents which deviate from regular patterns. Chattermill uses historical benchmarks to detect anomalies in their data and identify critical issues with delivery, payments, or product quality, so now the team can easily spot the warning signs before it’s too late. 

By leveraging Chattermill, Jonathan and his team saved over 200 hours each month that would otherwise be spent on manual analysis. The improvements they’ve made directly impacted the contact volume, sentiment, and, most importantly, customer satisfaction.

Jonathan Beirne
"During the peak shopping season, we leveraged Chattermill to analyse issues with deliveries and we were able to use that data to optimize our logistics. This allowed us to have an optimal season delivery period, and our customer feedback helped us navigate through it and improve."
Jonathan Beirne
Chief Customer Officer

musicMagpie is a UK-based circular economy pioneer specialising in refurbished consumer technology. musicMagpie is the smart, sustainable and trusted way to buy, rent and sell refurbished tech and physical media products.

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