Great eCXpectations: How to Deliver the CX Your Customers Really Want

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If your business gets customer experience wrong, it can lose customers for life.

To deliver customer experiences that attract and retain our customers, it’s pretty clear we need to understand what they think, feel, and desire – and create experiences that meet their expectations.

But what’s the best way to go about it?

Find out how customer expectations are changing, how to find out what your customers really want, how to deliver experiences that meet their expectations – and discover what data from Bain & Co, YouGov, TSB, The Economist, McKinsey tells CX leaders (like you) how to meet today’s Great eCXpectations.

It’s all in this guide.

What You'll Learn

Customer expectations in 2022

The economic shock of the Covid-19 pandemic and rapidly rising global inflation has radically shifted the way consumers behave. Find out what we’ve learnt so far.

How customer experience can help supercharge business growth

As customer experience professionals, we want to improve our customers' lives and transform our businesses. To do so, we need to show how it can deliver a return on investment and drive business growth if we are to get the resources we need. Discover how to get them.

Companies are competing on customer experience. Why are so few successful?

Two-thirds of companies now compete on customer experience, up from 36% in 2010. But just 8% of customers say brands deliver a “superior customer experience.” Find out why, and how to make sure your business achieves CX success.

How to find out what your customers really want

Finding what your customers want can be complex. But when you’re looking to build a successful CX strategy, it has to be built on what your customers say. We discuss how to find out exactly what your customers really want.

How to deliver the CX your customers desire

Discover how to find out what’s working and what isn’t, and make changes that your customers in their millions are telling you they want.