Copilot: Introducing AI for a New Way of Working

December 11, 2023
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When Chattermill was founded in 2015, Artificial Intelligence and Large Language Models (LLMs) were only entering the conversation. Even then, we recognized their vast potential and envisioned a future where AI could provide precise, insightful, and actionable answers to any question, unlocking transformational insights for everyone.

For several years, these dreams remained unfulfilled, but the recent advancements in generative AI are rewriting the rules and opening a world of possibilities.

So when we started exploring the new potential, we quickly realized how generative AI would help us fulfill our vision to help every company accelerate Experience Led Growth.

Introducing Copilot

Today, we're announcing the next big step towards that vision with the introduction of Copilot. The concept is really simple: when you have questions about your customer experience, Copilot steps in to provide all the answers you need. And it's all backed with quantifiable results, powerful visualizations, and verified customer quotes.

These new generative AI capabilities in our Experience Intelligence platform will introduce a brand-new way of operating for every company. It's our commitment to helping businesses make more data-driven decisions, prioritize actions that directly impact return on investment, and improve productivity and cross-team collaboration. 

As we begin our journey with Copilot, we aim to lay a strong foundation for seamless analytics integration into people's work, while also approaching this new technology thoughtfully. 

Here are the core principles that underpin all our efforts in this direction.

We're building one platform for everyone 

First of all, we believe that AI has the potential to simplify and democratize data for all the members of the organization, regardless of their function, job title, or technical expertise.

That's why Copilot empowers all the stakeholders - including CX, Product, Marketing and Leadership teams - to ask any business questions and collaboratively make informed decisions with unprecedented speed: 

"What factors are influencing product returns this month?"

"Which features have the most significant positive impact on user retention and acquisition?" 

"What are the main reasons customers choose our competitors over us?"

With an intuitive interface and auto-generated visualizations, everyone can build deep, insightful reports to facilitate strategic decision-making with confidence. 

We're delivering transformational insights 

At Chattermill, we're not only striving to ensure that Copilot can create reports as insightful and complex as those crafted by your data science team. We're raising the bar higher. We aim to deliver transformational insights that will truly influence your long-term strategy and vision, ensuring sustained growth and success. 

To fulfil that commitment, Copilot will include a list of powerful capabilities such as: 

  • Quantifiable Results: Soon, you’ll be able to analyze the size and impact of any customer issue, identify how many customers are facing similar problems, and estimate the financial impact of your CX decisions. 
  • Advanced Segmentation: We’re making it easier to analyze customer groups based on their common characteristics (e.g., region, age, device, or behaviour). 
  • Proactive Discovery & Alerting: With Copilot, you’ll be able to automatically trigger weekly or monthly reports to stay on top of potential risks and opportunities.

We prioritize enterprise and ecosystem agility

Finally, with the launch of Copilot, we'll continue to emphasize the power of AI without compromising on quality, accuracy, and security. 

  • Verified quotes: Copilot will support every insight with direct customer quotations, ensuring teams can have trust that their findings are accurate and verified. 
  • PII removal: Chattermill's unique architecture enables quick identification, removal, and protection of any personally identifiable information (PII).
  • Plug-and-play integrations: From Slack, Jira to Google Docs and Notion — we continue to invest in cutting-edge integrations to help you instantly share your findings with the rest of your team, without disrupting your work. 

As AI grows in capability and becomes increasingly integrated into software, we're committed to upholding enterprise-class security and compliance standards and keeping your information confidential and secure. 

Generative AI built for a new way of working 

Generative AI is more than just a technological breakthrough. It's the disruptor that challenges traditional boundaries and democratizes data analysis for everyone. 

Copilot stands as a testament to our commitment to innovation, ensuring that each team member can actively engage in the decision-making process. This revolution doesn't just transform strategies, it changes the essence of how companies navigate their path to success, promising a future where every voice and every data-driven insight plays an integral role. 

Sign up today for our closed Beta program to get an exclusive early look at Chattermill's Copilot and experience the future of AI firsthand. 

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