Create retention-driving retail experiences

Unify your customer data, analyze and understand where the friction lies in your product lines, returns process, operations and shopping experiences, and make more intelligent decisions based on the customer reality. Understand the voice of your customers in one easy to use platform.

Image portraying chattermill product featureImage portraying chattermill product feature

Understand the voice of your customers to craft experiences that delight

Understanding the voice of your customers is critical if you’re to deliver on their expectations and drive loyalty, growth, and retention. Chattermill unifies and analyzes your customer feedback, support, and conversation data and gives you the intelligence you need to deliver experiences that your customers will love.

Image portraying chattermill product feature

Improve retail performance – in-store, and online

Tracking and improving in-store and online experiences while simultaneously ensuring consistency across the two is an incredible challenge for CX professionals in retail businesses.

Chattermill enables you to track what’s working and what isn’t across all of your in-store and online customer data. Why? So that you can spot inconsistencies and issues before they start harming your brand, your business, and your bottom line.

Image portraying chattermill product feature
Image portraying chattermill product feature

Better understand logistics, delivery, and returns challenges

Returns are costing retailers more than ever before. Logistics and delivery challenges lead to unhappy customers. Understanding the pinch points across logistics, delivery, and returns is critical for retail brands if you want to avoid losing customers to competitors.

Chattermill lets you find out what’s going wrong by analysing your customers’ feedback and support data, giving you the intelligence to make changes before operational challenges become business-critical.

Easily connect Chattermill with your favourite tools

Tech stacks in retail brands can be incredibly complex. As the industry has rapidly transformed during the past decade, you’ve now got more data and tools than ever before. But the problem is: rarely does that customer data speak to each other in a unified way.

Chattermill easily integrates with the tools you use every day – no matter how complex your tech stack. The result? You get a unified, intelligent view of your customers, enabling you to make smarter, more strategic decisions – improving the experience for you, your teams, and your customers.

Image portraying chattermill product feature

Trusted by teams at the world’s best retail brands.

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