The State of CX in Fashion

In this eBook, we analyse over 150,000 real-world customer reviews from Zara, New Look, H&M, Next, and ASOS to uncover what the current state of play is in the fashion industry.

‍Here’s What You’ll Learn

What’s The State of Play is in the Fashion Retail Industry Today

Learn who’s succeeding, what turns customers away, and more importantly, what drives customers to recommend brands to their friends and family.

What’s Driving Customer Negativity in Fashion and Retail

What do fashion retail customers hate the most about the CX that fashion brands deliver? We highlight the top 10 themes mentioned by customers.

Why Refunds Continue To Be an Issue for Customers

Why are so many brands in the fashion industry getting refunds so wrong? We dig into the data to find out.

What You Can Do To Solve Customer Returns

Returns are the biggest issue for fashion retailers today. But what can we do to solve them? In this report, you'll find out.

What Drives Customers To Recommend Fashion Brands

We analysed 150,000 real-world customer comments to uncover what really drives customers to tell their friends and family about your brand.