Announcing Our Zendesk Customer Satisfaction Integration: Closing The Loop With Your Customers

February 10, 2022
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In addition to NPS, Surveys, Reviews and App Reviews feedback, you can now automatically integrate Zendesk Customer Satisfaction surveys to Chattermill.

With this integration, you can uncover powerful insights within your customer satisfaction data, create custom workflows to route and handle individual experiences, and plug your CSAT analysis into your existing unified view of CX.

It’s a smooth and straightforward process to get up and running. First, authenticate your Zendesk credentials in your Chattermill account through your integrations console, and we’ll then begin piping your historical data and new responses in near real-time - no engineering time required.

What is customer satisfaction?

Though the two terms are often confused, customer satisfaction is not the same thing as customer experience.

Customer satisfaction can be thought of as the overarching umbrella term, while customer experience is a factor in creating customer satisfaction.

It’s essential that you measure a variety of factors to get a clear picture of this, as your business may be excelling in one customer satisfaction metric but failing in another.

Customer satisfaction (CSAT) is a metric used to quantify how happy customers are with a product, service, or experience.

This metric is usually calculated by deploying a customer satisfaction survey that asks on a five or seven-point scale how a customer feels about a support interaction, purchase, or overall customer experience, with answers between "highly unsatisfied" and "highly satisfied" to choose from.

When it comes down to it, customer satisfaction reflects how a customer feels about interacting with your brand.

Businesses and brands utilise many metrics to quantify positive and negative feelings. Understanding and mindfully using these customer satisfaction metrics can help improve customer loyalty, revenue retention, and brand affinity.

3 ways this will help you close the feedback loop:

  1. Identify actionable insights

Easily add a new dimension to your customer experience analytics. Combine sentiment analysis, support metrics, trend anomalies, and more with your native data attributes to hone in on the key elements driving your customer satisfaction.

  1. Unify your customer data

Integrate with all your existing customer data sources (across every team) to build a single, unified view of your customer experience. View analytics on feedback and customer support from the entire length of the customer journey in one place.

  1. Put your CX on autopilot

Our AI engines automatically uncover powerful themes and sentiment within your CSAT responses so you can spend less time manually analysing customer feedback and more time turning insights into action with your teams.

The Chattermill-Zendesk integration solved a problem we encounter every holiday with incorrectly submitted customer support tickets. We’ve improved operational processes and increased agent productivity, which translates to real cost savings for our support team.

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