Staying On Top Of Covid-19 With Chattermill

March 18, 2020
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Covid-19 is already shaking up the whole economy. At Chattermill, we appreciate that staying on top of your customer experience becomes even harder and yet even more crucial in this challenging time.

We know you are likely already overwhelmed with dealing with this issue, so want to help you as much as we can. We have a few new products we have been testing and have recently released, which can make a crucial difference in the current situation. Below we've outlined the different use cases and how they can make a difference for your team.

Step 1. Stay on top of Covid-19 feedback

We will create a tag called #covid-19 and set up a Workflow to automatically tag future comments directly mentioning it. What this allows you to do:

  • Create a shared feed of comments with #covid-19 tag to share internally
  • Quickly navigate to the relevant comments in one click on the Feedback tab within Chattermill
  • Set up a Worfklow to send new comments with the tag to a specific Slack channel / Email address
  • Understand the volume / sentiment of responses mentioning the virus over time and across customer segments on Metrics

Step 2. Create a Covid-19 Dashboard

We will create a dedicated Covid-19 dashboard for your project. To track both comments mentioning the virus but also provide quick overview of relevant metrics across time and by key segments.

Please let us know which segments you would like us to include in this exercise. We would recommend including things like Country / City to begin with.

To set this up we will just need:

  • List of segments you would like us to use on your custom Covid-19 Dashboard
  • List of users we should invite to the dashboard.
  • Any special requests (eg. separate dashboards by market)

Step 3. Switch on Automated Phrasal Insights

In this environment, it is even more critical than usual to stay on top of evolving concepts in your CX data, whether they are directly related to the virus or not. Phrasal Insights report provides an overview of key phrases in your feedback with their overall Sentiment, Frequency and Novelty. It is invaluable in catching things early.

We suggest automating this report to be sent via email or Slack once a week. Either to yourself, recipients of your choosing or by downloading the report from the UI.

To set this up we will just need:

  • List of recipients (or Slack Details) for Phrasal Insights emails
  • Any special requests (eg. separate reports by market)

Step 4. Switch on Phrasal Anomaly Detection

This is a brand new piece of functionality. Its goal is to identify specific phrases that are trending significantly outside of normal ranges. These could be explicit mentions of the virus, but also things like "flight cancelled" or "hand sanitiser".

We would usually recommend running this report weekly but provided you have enough data, it can also be run daily. The output looks something like this:

Phrasal Anomaly Detection

It can run either on Slack or via email

To set this up we will just need:

  • List of email recipients (or Slack Details) for anomalies
  • Any special requests (eg. separate flows by market / project)

Step 5. Personalised Consultation with a Chattermill CX Specialist

We are already working with several customers to overcome the current challenges they are facing concerning the virus.

We are more than happy to disseminate the best practices we are building to other organisations so if you would like us to arrange a further conversation just book time here.

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