Custom Themes: Our Theme Structure Just Got Flexible

December 19, 2022
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Introducing Custom Themes. We're adding the flexibility and freedom to create new themes that are most important to you. Now you can name the theme, and Chattermill will arm you with the sharpest, most accurate insights.

Every business is unique. No two companies will have the exact needs, customers, and products. So why would you have the same ways of analysing their customer feedback? 

Some businesses have a razor-sharp focus on product quality and delivery. Others want to better understand the performance of their marketing campaigns or customer support teams. Everyone will have different areas that you want to focus on. 

Using AI to categorise feedback into themes is a great first step. But making sure you have the flexibility to add and follow the themes that are unique to your business is a different story. 

The good news? This flexibility is finally here.

Chattermill has just introduced Custom Themes to give you more freedom and ownership of how you categorise their customer data.

Customise The Way You Theme Your Feedback

You'll love Custom Themes for these 3 reasons: 

You'll always find what you're looking for. Are you launching a new product or introducing new packaging? If you're trying to understand how your customers feel about it, specify the theme you're looking for, and Chattermill will find it. 

You'll get precise insights at every level. Custom Themes let you dive into all the small details and expert nuances you need. Get as granular as you want.

You'll customise your themes lightning fast. Creating Custom Themes is low effort and low maintenance. It gets you up and running in no time so you can quickly implement new insights into your CX strategy.

How do Custom Themes work?

When you receive feedback, our AI automatically applies one or more Themes to it to help you understand how your customers feel about your product. To achieve this, we analyse the topics consistently mentioned in your data and create a theme structure that suits your business.

From now on, you can also add Custom Themes to your existing theme structure, ensuring we're not missing the topics that are important to you. You can add, edit, or delete your new themes or contact our support team to make the analysis more accurate and relevant. 

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How to Create a Custom Theme

Custom Themes can be created by account admins in a few simple steps: 

  1. Start here to go to your settings page and choose the "Themes" option.
  2. Click on "New Theme" at the top of the list of existing categories.
  3. Name your Custom Theme and add a short description.
  4. Add more tags or keywords to your query to narrow the search and help us understand what you're looking for. Remember to be specific, provide more context, and avoid unnecessary phrases. E.g. use "bank transfer" instead of "transfer." Take a look at this quick guide to learn more. 
  5. Click "Save Theme."

Once you create a Custom Theme, you'll see the first results within 24 hours. From then on, you can add them to your charts and dashboards, use your Custom Themes as filters, or set up a workflow to get notified when a new comment comes in. 

The best part? Your Custom Theme can be applied to your historical data, too. Just contact our Support Team, and we'll get this process started. 

In Summary

In short, Custom Themes are a new way to follow the topics that are most important to you. You simply name a theme, and we will scan through your customer feedback to find the best insights. It's quick, it's flexible and fully customisable. 

Want to add new themes to use in Chattermill? Head over to the settings page and add them for free! 

Need help figuring out where to start? Check these tips & tricks for creating Custom Themes, or contact our Customer Support Team to learn more.

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