66 Customer Experience Quotes for 2021

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Arguably one of the most pivotal aspects of a business, customer experience is extremely valuable in retention and conversion when it comes to your customers because this ultimately results in their loyalty to the organization. The key to surpassing your competitors is keeping up with the needs of your customers and adapting a customer-centric approach to your business model, especially in your customer experience strategy.

Customer experience quotes are a tangible example of how customer experience shapes the impact of your business. A negative customer experience can ultimately result in your company having a bad reputation and losing customers. Consequently, implementing a positive customer experience can cultivate a culture of word-of-mouth marketing to bring more customers out of the woodwork. Keep reading for some inspiring customer experience quotes to level up your business.

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Client Experience Quotes




Creating a customer experience strategy centered around the desires and needs of your clients is what many call the key to a successful business. Honing in on providing clients excellent experiences creates a loyal customer base who share the positive reputation of your company to others. We’ve listed some quotes that capture the essence of successful client experiences across a wide range of industries.

  1. “From the moment we founded Zoom, our main focus has been to provide a cloud video communications solution that would make customers happy...The fantastic growth we’re experiencing and the many industry accolades we’ve received can all be attributed to having satisfied customers that enjoy using our platform.” - Eric Yuan, CEO, Zoom
  2. “CX is all about the customer's perceptions of their interactions with a brand or company. A customer’s memory of their experience guides what they do afterward, whether they buy from you again...It's not just about what we think quality and fit mean, it's what our customers think they mean. And then what do we have to do to deliver on those expectations embodied in those broader definitions?” - Sam Stern, Senior Manager of Customer Experience, New Balance
  3. "Customer experience is the totality of how a customer feels about a brand. That feeling is informed by their experience at each and every touchpoint, from brick and mortar point of sale to email marketing to SMS notifications and beyond. The sum of all of those touchpoints can either lead to a terrific customer experience that creates terrific word of mouth or dooms a brand to be an also-ran." - Jeremy Goldman, Principal Analyst, eMarketer
  4. “Customer feedback is a gift. Listen, respond and say “thank you” when it’s provided.” - Tom Smith, Client Experience Analyst & Strategist, Client Savvy
  5. “We focus on making sure we have a great service-focused culture. If you get the culture right, then a lot of really amazing things happen on their own.” - Tony Hsieh, CEO, Zappos
  6. “Customer service is more important now than it ever has been. We don’t have the luxury of greeting someone in person. We have to make sure they are acknowledged in each step of the buyer's journey. Make all communication personal. This may mean that you have to hire a “social seller.” This is a person that walks from start to finish with the client making sure they feel connected to you and your brand.” - Oliver Walsh, Co-Founder, ASYSTEM
  7. “Through my years as a thought leader in the experience design space, I've learned that...at its heart, great customer experience [is] the opportunity for a customer or client to truly feel like they are the VIP in the room. Crafting this space well takes...emotional intelligence, an understanding of your customer's motivations, and a true, earnest desire to help. At the end of the day... a remarkable experience goes beyond helping and predicts a customer's needs without prompt.” - Devon Fata, CEO & Founder, Pixoul
  8. “Every step that draws customers to your store or website must be welcoming and hassle-free...Why? Because it's the right thing to do. It's also how you build a loyal customer base and earn valuable word-of-mouth advertising. Treating clients like family is the Golden Rule for creating the best customer experience possible.” - Shelley Grieshop, Creative Marketing Writer, Totally Promotional
  9. “Customer feedback is invaluable. How else will you know what your client is thinking?” - Tom Smith, Client Experience Analyst & Strategist, Client Savvy
  10. “Companies need to focus equally on providing amazing products and an online shopping experience that is easy and pleasant. For HelloFresh, this meant optimizing both their actual food and recipes along with their website for the best experience possible.” - HelloFresh
  11. “Exceeding the consumers' needs begins with a positive consumer experience. Brands must be precise, dependable, and provide the service that they provided. The risk is in your willingness to deliver on your promises while still surprising your client with special treatment and service.” - Nicole Graham, Lifestyle & Relationship Coach, Womenio




  1. “When the customers are satisfied and happy with our goods and services, they will have continuous patronage and will be more than willing to spend their hard-earned money on us. They will voluntarily promote us to their peers, making our network wider, enabling us to get more clients to increase profitability.” - Sonya Schwartz, Founder, Her Norm
  2. “The importance of the consumer experience is that it creates repeat sales. One of the most important advantages of excellent customer support is that it encourages customers to conduct business with you more than once. Repeat purchases aren't produced by chance, because if you don't give your clients a good experience, they'll move somewhere. One of the benefits of providing excellent customer support is that it allows you to form personal relationships with your target audience.” - Tammi Avallone, Managing Editor, FiveBarks
  3. “Not only will excellent customer experiences lead to testimonials that you can use as social proof that you can use to attract more business, but they will also cement relationships that can lead to long-term repeat business, and potentially create word-of-mouth marketing...there’s no downside to providing excellent customer experiences. They make your clients happy, lead to more business, and increase your competitive advantage.” - Todd Ramlin, Manager, Cable Compare

Customer Journey Quotes




Companies who last the test of time rely on a positive reputation to secure a loyal customer base. Trends may come and go, but customers who have an affinity for your brand and its services will return to you year after year because of the experience that you provide. For lasting success in the long run, here are some quotes that capture the spirit of the customer journey.

  1. “If it’s something that creates a great customer experience, choose to do it, because we believe that in the long run, little things keep the customer in mind will end up paying short dividends.” - Tony Hsieh, CEO, Zappos
  2. “A lot of people have fancy things to say about customer service, but it's just a day-in, day-out, ongoing, never-ending, persevering, compassionate kind of activity.” - Christopher McCormick, Former Chief Executive Officer, L.L.Bean
  3. "We focus across the company on the happiness of customers and building trust with them." - Eric Yuan, CEO, Zoom




  1. “When customers feel that their concerns are valid and that they are welcome to express their comments and suggestions, it's more likely that they will return to the company. Nowadays, thriving amidst the pandemic means connecting with loyal customers.” - James Page, Crypto Technical Writer, Crypto Head
  2. “A lot of business owners believe that if they invest in a good CS team and have a competent UX designer, they'll automatically score high in this aspect of their business. But the customer experience encompasses the entire customer journey. From that initial point of contact where they learn about you to months after they've made a purchase. All of it matters as part of the customer experience and it's worth treating those aspects of your business with the respect they deserve.” - Rex Reiberger, Co-CEO, Gadget Review
  3. “We’ve actually said no to a lot of very talented people that we know can make an immediate impact on our top or bottom line. But because we felt they weren’t a culture fit, we were willing to sacrifice the short term benefits to protect our culture (and therefore our brand) for the long term.” - Tony Hsieh, CEO, Zappos

Customer Centricity Quotes




Although the wants and needs of each customer may be different, putting them at the center of your customer experience strategy will ensure you’re catering to your company’s target audience. It may be much easier said than done, but customer loyalty is a gift that keeps on giving. Keep reading for some anecdotal quotes about the importance of customer needs.

  1. “The sound of a warm human voice is something that people respond to, and because we’re small we know our products in detail - so customers don’t have to wait or jump through hoops for a solution.That warm customer experience means that most of our B2B customers are repeat customers - they stay with us and I’m very grateful for that!” - Stephan Logan, CEO, Indigo Instruments
  2. “Exceptional customer service is a non-negotiable for any business that harbours severe growth ambitions. In today’s world, where people are inclined to share everything over social media, it could be a huge mistake to ignore the needs of even one customer or think that having one or two unsatisfied customers...won’t negatively impact your business. Prioritising customer service means you will attract more customers as you will stand out from the competition and ultimately add to your bottom line.” - Scott Nelson, CEO, MoneyNerd
  3. “Everyone champions the excellent customer experience they provide, making it almost meaningless to stake that claim. The truth is found in the voices and actions of customers. This is why it is so important to encourage customers to speak their opinions, and if your customer experience is genuinely great, the truth will come out and the impact on your business will be amazing.” - Jim Kemp, Director of Operations, ColumbiaSoft
  4. “Customer experience is our primary focus. I've always found it far easier to get and retain business by focusing on what the customer needs at any given point. This counts toward initial research when exploring your market to getting people to your site to coaxing them toward a conversion and eventually to getting them to stay and continue giving you their business.” - Dan Bailey, President, WikiLawn
  5. “Customers...have a plethora of businesses to choose from and hence, if they leave a good testimonial, it will help you boost your goodwill and prove your trustworthiness. Providing satisfactory services will also give you more business with them. This will sustainably grow your business and help in earning higher profits. Word of mouth publicity even enhances your brand awareness. People will know better about your company with the word being circulated.” - Adam Rowles, CEO, Inbound Marketing Agency
  6. “It’s important to learn your customers’ needs and behaviors as they determine your progress and will speak for the success of your business. Their feedback reflects your service and can even affect the impressions of your potential customers, so study what you could do for them to create a good experience for them.” - Baidhurya Mani, Founder, Sell Courses Online
  7. “Listen to your customers or you will have none.” - Bryan Clayton, CEO, GreenPal




  1. "Every day, Zoom speaks to customers and also looks at internal processes to try and understand how they can improve from an end-user perspective." - Eric Yuan, CEO, Zoom

Customer Loyalty Quotes




Creating loyal, lifelong customers is every customer experience specialists’ goal. Nowadays, customers have limitless options on where they can buy what they need, so focusing on selling an experience as opposed to a single product is the most effective approach to customer experience. To learn more about how to retain customer loyalty, read these insights from the industry professionals.

  1. “Returning customers are often the people who keep you in business, especially in difficult times like this. Loyalty boils down to who among the brands have shown you appreciation and continues to check in or uses spare time to answer your after-purchase queries.” - Lianne Sanders, Licensed Yoga Instructor & Former Customer Service Representative, Total Shape
  2. “Excellent customer experience yields customer loyalty...consumers want to feel recognized and connected enough that they trust you with their business and, more importantly, trust your business enough to continue working with you. Customers need to be able to rely on timely and informative assistance that is delivered with tender love and care.” - Kevin Miller, CEO & Co-founder, GR0




  1. “When a business treats a customer like just a number, they begin to resent spending their hard-earned dollars with that company. In fact, recent data from Vonage shows that the number one reason people switch brands is because they feel unappreciated... Convenience, transparency, and appreciation are the cornerstones of building a customer experience that builds loyalty, and grows your business.”  - Denise Tenant, Marketing & Customer Experience Specialist, Big Little Solutions
  2. “Customer Experience, or CX, refers to how customers perceive their overall journey or experience with a brand or business. Giving a customer a good experience is crucial because a positive CX helps ensure customer loyalty and retention. This also drives competitive advantage and promotes brand advocacy. And a good customer experience helps keep employees engaged and reduce employee turnover as well.” - Michelle Devani, Founder, lovedevani
  3. “Customer experience is the lifeblood of any business and is a vital key to retain customers and encourage loyalty towards a brand. Today, customer retention is more cost-effective than customer acquisition, proving the importance of exceptional customer experiences. It can provide powerful insight into customer behavior which enables organizations to better-tailor their offerings to customers, increase word-of-mouth, improving brand reputation, and ultimately, enhancing revenue.” - Ashley Saunders, Product Specialist, TrackTime24
  4. “Customer service is the holy grail of customer retention. Winning customer loyalty is about providing a customer experience where consumers feel valued and confident that the problem that they patronize a business to solve will do so in a friendly, efficient manner consistently over time. ” - Brian Meshkati, VP of Marketing, Printbest
  5. “A consumer who is loyal to your organization, supports your business by word-of-mouth marketing, and advocates for your brand and product or service is the best marketing money can purchase.” - Lyle Solomon, Attorney, Oak View Law Group

Quotes About Customer Relationship Management

Mastering the art of customer experience requires cultivating genuine relationships with clients and customers. If you’re looking to improve customer relationship management, look no further: we’ve compiled valuable testimonials on the importance of fostering relationships with your customers so that they keep coming back!

  1. “To WOW, you must differentiate yourself, which means do something a little unconventional and innovative. You must do something that’s above and beyond what’s expected. And whatever you do must have an emotional impact on the receiver. We are not an average company, our service is not average, and we don't want our people to be average. We expect every employee to deliver WOW.” - Tony Hsieh, CEO, Zappos
  2. “Always underpromise and overdeliver, never the other way around.” - James Dyble, Managing Director, Global Sound Group




  1. “The most powerful brands, products and services are those that best deliver great social and emotional needs customers experience on a daily basis.” - Amanda Sweeney, Founder & CEO, LearnXR
  2. “We had a customer email us the other day. He ordered a pair of shoes that we had in our warehouse, and we surprised him with a shipping upgrade, so he got his order in two days instead of our original promise of a week. He said he loved our customer service and would tell his family and friends about us. He even said we should one day start Zappos Airlines.” - Tony Hsieh, CEO, Zappos
  3. “Customer experience is the ultimate profit-driver.” - E.J. Kritz, Keynote Speaker & CX Strategist, Power Consulting
  4. “When you offer your customers a memorable experience, you're laying the groundwork for a relationship. Relationships are reciprocal, where your customer gains your goods or services while you gain their trust and their prized recommendation.” - Matt Jones, Founder, WebPunch
  5. “The defining moments of the “Airbnb experience” happen in the real world — when they are travelling to their listing, being greeted by their host, settling into the listing, and exploring the destination. These are the moments that make or break the Airbnb experience, no matter how great we make our website.” – Lisa Qian, Data Scientist at Airbnb
  6. “We make sure that employees are here for more than just a paycheck. We want employees that believe in our long term vision, and want to be part of our culture. As it turns out, on average, less than 1% of people end up taking the offer.” - Tony Hseih, CEO, Zappos
  7. "We look at every interaction on the product, people, process support and the web and we understand that" - Eric Yuan, CEO, Zoom
  8. “What is different about you, that every single other person, if you could only tell them three or four things, you would want them to know about you." - Brian Chesky, CEO, Airbnb
  9. “Treat your customer kindly and your sale will mount up nicely. The reason why many customers are patronizing a business is not just because of the quality of your product but the quality of service.” - John Stevenson, Marketing Specialist, My GRE Exam Preparation
  10. “Customers are the bread and butter of any business. It doesn’t matter what you are selling or how badly they need it, when a customer has a bad experience, they remember it more often than they do an average one. Positive experiences don’t even carry the same weight as bad ones because we get offended, and it hurts...at the end of the day, the money they spend with you is theirs to spend elsewhere.” - Ryan Whitcher, Manager, Harmony Home Buyers
  11. “Retailers that provide a strong customer experience or find a way to create a shopping experience that doubles as a medium of entertainment will attract and win shoppers and boost sales. Make the shopping experience more than just buying a product.”  - Carlos Castelán, Managing Director, The Navio Group
  12. “Listen to your customers carefully. They have all of the information you need to know!” - Rick Abbiati, Owner, Colony Property Investments
  13. “We direct message (DM) customers back within less than 24 hours and answer their questions on social media. This type of personal interaction allows us to request feedback from customers once we solve their problem...overtime, we notice that engagement from the same customers has grown; those customers who experienced personalized... customer service tend to...engage with posts more often than they did before the personalized interaction through DM!” - Amra Beganovich, CEO & Founder, Amra & Elma
  14. “We wouldn't be where we are without our customers, so no one is too important to help a customer. Everyone up and down the chain interacts with our customers. Not only does this optimize response times, but it also keeps our execs in tune with our customers. We get to hear directly from them — what they love about the product as well as where we can improve. Prioritizing our customers above everything is an attitude and practice that keeps us getting better.” - Darren Litt, Co-Founder, Hiya Health
  15. “Customer experience needs to be the primary motivator in the business. Which is why we take an employee-first approach. Higher pay, better benefits, 401K, health care, time off, etc. will help make your employees strong advocates for your business. They'll likely think that there's nothing out there that is better than what our company can offer. They'll likely be more loyal and in turn feel obligated to treat the customers and the work in the best way possible.” - Mitchell Blackmon, Founder, Patriot Chimney
  16. “At the end of the day, customers are just people who want to be treated with compassion and understanding. You can't achieve excellent customer service if you're not routinely demonstrating both. Excellent customer experience is simply excellent human interaction.” - Daivat Dholakia, Director of Operations, Force by Mojio




  1. “You have to remember that customers are coming to you with an issue. They already chose you to attain a product or service, you need to reassure them that you are there for them past that. Accelerate their freedom by helping them enjoy your products.” - Doug Liantonio, Marketing Outreach Analyst, Gravy
  2. “Customer service is less about treating people how you would like to be treated and more about treating people how they would like to be treated. When it comes to customer service, relational empathy is without a doubt the biggest tool in the toolbox. Certain things in business cannot and should not be automated. Customer service is one of those things.” - Debbie Remington, Owner & Broker, Remington Team Realty
  3. “CX initiatives are a double-edged sword. On the one hand, they can deliver fantastic returns if executed properly. However, CX investment is tricky to measure, and takes time to implement. Unlike spending on paid media where you can turn results on and off rapidly, experience work has to be researched, ideas generated and then triaged, amends made based on the findings, and then those amends need to be validated in the real world.” - Peter Watson-Wailes, Founder, Hirundin
  4. “Customer service is sometimes not prioritized because it is hard to see the direct monetary gains. However, 89% of customers start doing business with a competitor following a poor customer service experience.” - Ravi Parikh, CEO, RoverPass
  5. “Marketing is everything before a marriage and customer experience is everything after it.” - Anastasia Vladychynska, Inspirational Customer Service Consultant & Speaker, Vladychynska Consulting
  6. “Global competition demands businesses pay close attention to their customer experience and to try and compete based on superior CX. If you have a great product or service but customers don't enjoy dealing with your company or using your website, you will sell less and potentially lose market share to competitors with inferior products or services but better attention to detail when it comes to CX.” - Sebastian Schaeffer, CTO & Co-founder, dofollow.io
  7. “In this day and age with the proliferation of review sites, customers are placing more and more weight on the service experience. Ensuring a great customer experience, whether or not the customer was right, has become essential to every business, whether you're in the service industry or not. For better or worse, the customer has developed a larger collective power over businesses, as a negative experience (and subsequent review) can affect public perception and ultimately your brand.” - Eric Kim, Co-owner & Program Director, LA Tutors
  8. “Employee productivity can be improved and increased by delivering a successful customer experience. The advantages of good customer service will also have an effect on the kind of environment you create. As your workers see that you appreciate customer care and all that goes with it, such as empathy for others, compassion, and going beyond and above, they can feel more connected to the ideals and beliefs upon which the business is based. This will create a more friendly working experience and make workers proud of their work.” - Julia Newman, Technical Support Specialist, FixThePhoto
  9. “One of the best ways of attracting more customers is through a word-of-mouth recommendation. People...also leave public reviews on Google or social media which are all incredibly important for business. That’s why every single person matters and you need to ensure high quality of service at all times. Oftentimes, businesses spend a lot of money on paid marketing strategies when they could have a similar effect free of charge as long as they make sure their customers are happy.” - Mikkel Andreassen, Customer Experience Manager, Dixa
  10. “Regardless of industry, consistent and effective customer service is a competitive advantage that helps to grow a loyal customer base.” - Kelila Shapiro, Founder, OTM Coaching Group
  11. “Excellent customer experience is a must, but you don’t always need to make changes based on every comment you receive. Use data first. Customer analytics tools are a powerful way to analyze data to translate into improving many aspects of your business. These tools can decrease the churn rate and highlight feedback that could have a huge impact on customer engagement. This can provide you with the evidence needed in order to take the action required to minimize the risk of customer dissatisfaction.” - Eropa Stein, Founder, Hyre
  12. “CX is anything that people touch or interact with [regarding] your brand. It's a much more dynamic ecosystem for every brand than it used to be.” - Bohb Blair, Global Chief Experience Officer, Starcom Worldwide
  13. “CX is “how a brand manifests and moves through the world and it's how humans interact with that brand.” - Sherine Kazim, Chief Experience Officer, Wunderman Thompson

Whether you’re new to customer experience or you’re an experienced professional, cultivating customer relationships is a lifelong practice in most industries. Corporations that create genuine relationships with their customer base are able to achieve meaningful and lasting success in all sectors of their business while providing customers with the greatest experience possible. Make the most of your customer experience by listening to their feedback and implementing it.

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