E.ON Next chooses Chattermill to differentiate through excellence in customer experience

February 19, 2024
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Chattermill, the Customer Experience Intelligence platform, is thrilled to announce a collaboration with E.ON Next, the customer-facing brand of E.ON for residential and small business energy customers, to enable differentiation in the marketplace through excellence in customer experience.

This collaboration will take E.ON Next on a transformative journey, focusing on:

  • auditing and mapping customer journeys to understand what makes customers loyal; 
  • adopting customer-centric values that are at the basis of business strategy and decision making; 
  • and finally, distributing customer experience insights across all teams to ensure consistency across all teams and business outcomes. 

Abdul Khaled, Head of Digital and CX at E.ON Next commented:

Here at E.ON Next customer experience is a critical aspect when trying to provide sustainable, affordable, and reliable energy since it helps us keep the balance of all 3 features to ensure customers are happy and promote the use of renewable energy. Our collaboration with Chattermill will help us  to create a brand that differentiates itself and has its own identity as a far more customer-oriented and customer-centric company.

Mikhail Dubov, co-founder and CEO of Chattermill, expressed his enthusiasm about the partnership:

We are thrilled to help E.ON Next deliver outstanding customer experience that brings them unique market positioning. We are honored to play a role in empowering the extensive growth of renewable energy, with the power of the experience industry. With our pioneering technology, we are helping prove to the customers of E.ON Next, as well as others who have not yet come across it, the importance of minimizing greenhouse gas emissions from non-renewable sources like fossil fuels and nuclear energy, thus mitigating climate change and positively affecting our future.

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