Chattermill Recognised in Text Analysis, Feedback Analytics, and Enterprise Feedback Management in G2’s Spring 2023 Rankings

April 17, 2023
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At Chattermill, CX has been in our DNA since day one. 

When our founders started the company in 2015, they knew they could use the newly available tech of deep learning AI to help thousands of companies make better decisions and drive growth with quality insights about their customer experiences. 

We saw a huge potential to make CX a revenue-driving function in every organisation.

Our journey to building the world’s first Unified Customer Intelligence platform hasn’t been down to us alone – it wouldn’t have been possible without our customers. 

That’s why the latest spring G2 Crowd awards are the highest validation from our customers that eight years later, Chattermil continues to be a trusted partner in understanding and improving your customer experiences and driving retention and growth.

Today, we are proud to share that for the fourth consecutive time, G2 has named the Chattermill platform the leader in text analysis. 

Our product was also recognised as the momentum leader and high performer in Feedback Analytics and Enterprise Feedback Management. 

The quarterly G2 reports evaluate customer satisfaction and review scores based on authentic product reviews from the G2 community, the largest and most trusted software marketplace globally. 

Chattermill Was Recognised in the Following Areas: 

  1. Leader in Text Analysis
  2. Momentum Leader in Text Analysis, Feedback Analytics, and Enterprise Feedback Management 
  3. High Performer in Feedback Analytics and Enterprise Feedback Management
  4. High Performer, Europe, in Enterprise Feedback Management 
  5. High Performer, Enterprise, in Text Analysis and Feedback Analytics
  6. High Performer, Mid-market, in Feedback Analytics and Enterprise Feedback Management 
  7. Best Relationship in Text Analysis 
  8. Best Usability in Text Analysis
  9. Easiest Admin in Text Analysis 
  10. Users Love Us in Text Analysis, Feedback Analytics and Enterprise Feedback Management 

What Chattermill Customers Are Saying 

Chattermill has been built specifically for CX, Support, and Product teams who want to better understand the voice of the customer. Our engineers, product managers, and customer success managers work together to deliver the best product experience for each use case. Here’s what our customers are saying: 

“Chattermill analysis makes it so much easier and faster for me to break down key themes in the data. I am able to efficiently identify areas our homeowners need to improve to help provide a better guest experience, which will hopefully lead to a positive review of their vacation rental. Chattermill drastically cuts down the time it would take me to do that on my own.”

“The best part about Chattermill is the ability to really drill down into what your customers are saying. The way my company has set up the tool means we have various sources of feedback, from a widget to actual surveys and ratings, and it's really easy to filter out areas you're not interested in and create custom reports. I not only used it for my day-to-day job to understand how our customers feel about certain topics that relate to my product areas but also recently was able to use it as part of the hackathon to search by a specific term related to our project and the problem we were trying to solve. “
“​​It's a great CX tool, which gathers all sources of feedback in one place and helps uncover actionable insights. I love how easy it makes it to share the Voice of Customer to any stakeholders and how user-friendly and intuitive the UI is.” 
“It's really simple. You don't need to spend ages trying to figure out what dashboard will show you what you need – you build exactly what you want in literally minutes. The tool is super flexible, which means you can use it for both surface-level understanding and deep dives into specific issues.”

A very special thank you to our customers for putting their trust in our product and to the Chattermill team for working hard to enable CX, Support, and Product teams with quality insights to deliver retention-driving customer experiences.

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