Introducing CX Swipe File

December 19, 2022
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Today, we’re announcing a brand new resource for CX professionals: CX Swipe File

Designed as a hub for examples of excellent customer experience, CX Swipe File brings together the very best in real-world CX. 

We’ve searched far and wide to find world-class examples of customer experience. Whether it be thoughtful customer service responses, punchy website design, easy-to-open packaging, or clever returns policies – if it improves the experience for a customer, it’s in there. 

On the swipe file, you’ll find a page where you can view all of the examples, search by company name or feature, or limit the posts you see using tags.

Each post contains an image and a short description of why each piece of CX is Swipe-worthy. You can easily move between examples with the arrow buttons on either side and if you really think a post is worth talking about, you can quickly share it on Twitter or LinkedIn.

The Go-to-Resource for CX Professionals

We’ve created CX Swipe File to help inspire your CX strategy, as currently, resources for CX professionals looking for inspiration or education are hard to come by. 

There are a few articles which list generic points about the ‘direction’ your CX strategy should be heading in. There are similar websites which showcase the same old stories from multinational, established brands. 

Occasionally, a tweet will go viral showcasing some genuinely excellent piece of CX – before it’s lost to the social media abyss. 

We’ve been frustrated by the lack of a concrete resource which sets the bar for excellent customer experience. Where do CX professionals go when they’re looking for real-world examples of CX inspiration?

CX Swipe File is here to help. By creating a go-to resource for customer experience examples, we hope to raise the standard for CX and provide a space for these efforts to be celebrated. 

Inspire your Team

CX Swipe File is designed to help your team learn from the best in CX. 

Easily filter through examples with the search bar for a brand you have in mind. And use tags to quickly limit your view to the areas that matter most to you: support, web design, packaging, in-store, returns, or personalised CX. With these filter options, you can focus on the examples most relevant to your brand.

We’ve made it easy for you with CX Swipe File. Want to be updated whenever new swipe-worthy CX examples make it to the page? Easily subscribe to receive our newsletter, which we’ll send out to you whenever we update the page. 

There’s plenty more to come, too – whether it be a retailer that showcases its responses to poor reviews directly on the product page, a brand that proactively informs customers of supply issues before they reach out, or a QR code that enables seamless reordering with one click of the camera.

What’s more, if you’ve seen a piece of CX that you think could make the cut, or if your company is doing something swipe-worthy, then you can easily submit your own examples too. Add a few details, plus an image, and we’ll do the rest.

Visit the Swipe File website now to inspire your team’s CX Strategy. 

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