Product Spotlight: New Ways to Keep Your Team Informed

January 24, 2023
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Do you hate having to break through team silos? Us too! When CX, Product and Customer Support report on different metrics and data sources, staying aligned takes a lot of work. Although they are on the same side, departments often have no shared understanding of the voice of the customer. 

Without a single source of customer truth – alignment, cooperation, and impact are all impossible.

That's why at Chattermill, you now have different ways to keep your team informed. With our latest features, you can easily share insights with your team, trigger regular updates to your executives, and keep everyone on the same page. 

So what's new? 

Scheduled Reports for Better Team Enablement

Your product managers may be too busy to log in to Chattermill to view reports themselves. And your CEO wants to receive regular updates on sentiment about your website. "Can you send me that report again?" You hear the requests repeatedly, and end up being stuck doing ad-hoc tasks. 

If only you could send reports automatically to all these teams and stakeholders without lifting a finger.

Well, Scheduled Reports are here to help! 

Now you can pull dashboards and charts directly from Chattermill and send them automatically as Scheduled Reports on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. 

Push them to your team in set intervals, whether over email or on Slack and schedule different reports for individual stakeholders. This way, you can effectively enable your teams, create alignment, and save time. 

Exports for Sharing Visual Reports

We know how important it is to keep your data visual, especially when you're asked to prepare a presentation for the board or your monthly company town hall. 

That's why you can now easily download reports from Chattermill in a PDF or PNG format with a click of a button. 

No more third-party applications or manual screenshots. Just easily select a chart or dashboard to be exported from the drop-down menu, and enjoy adding beautiful visuals to your slides, anywhere and anytime. 

Top Results to Save More Time

As you juggle many responsibilities throughout the day, staying on top of customer insights might be tricky, and ensuring every department has access to the key numbers can be next to impossible.

Have only 5 minutes each day? You can now easily view the top results, add them to the top of your dashboard, and ensure everyone has access to a single source of truth. 

No more guesswork. No more spending long hours on finding the key insights. Chattermill automatically captures your top results, freeing up your schedule for more important tasks. 

Make it easier to add them to your presentations, build accurate reports, or send insights straight to your inbox. Every single week.

Anomaly Alerts to Uncover Risks and Opportunities

There are risks and opportunities hiding in your customer feedback. But large volumes of comments and mentions make it challenging to catch and address these red flags early on.

"How did we not see this coming?" is the last question anyone wants to hear from a colleague or an executive.

With Anomaly Alerts, you can set up weekly notifications about emerging trends and incidents that break from the usual patterns. These insights will help your team surface the risks and use smarter strategies to win more customers.

In Summary

Don't let your customer experience get hurt because your team lacks a shared understanding of the voice of the customer. With Chattermill, you have more proactive ways to stay connected, create alignment, and keep your team informed. 

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