Trainline expands partnership with Chattermill to get customer centricity on track

November 16, 2023
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Chattermill, the leading Customer Experience Intelligence platform, is thrilled to announce an expansion of partnership with Trainline, the global independent rail and coach travel platform that will see them achieve the overarching goal of combining all rail and coach travel into one simple travel experience.

Using a single platform for all team's’ unique use cases - Support, Partner Solutions, Marketing, Data Science, and Product - ensures alignment and collaboration to deliver Trainline’s mission to offer a frictionless user experience. 

Janae Gerard, Director of Research at Trainline, commented:

“Chattermill is a vital part of our Customer Obsession program. It keeps us close to our customers; giving us actionable feedback to improve our customer experience.”

Mikhail Dubov, co-founder and CEO of Chattermill, voiced his excitement about the partnership:

“We’re delighted to support Trainline on their mission to deliver an exceptional experience to their customers,” he said. “Trainline is distancing itself from the competition by leveraging customer feedback across their multiple teams, all aligned around the goal of improving traveler experiences. In doing so, they’re becoming more efficient and resilient in these tough economic times.”

About Chattermill

Chattermill, the Customer Experience Intelligence company, enables leading brands to unlock their customers’ reality. Global enterprises like Amazon, H&M, and Uber rely on Chattermill to operationalize CX data.

Chattermill is the best-in-class AI-powered platform for CX, Product, Marketing, and Support teams to action insights from their customer data at scale, ranked no.1 in multiple G2 categories.

About Trainline

Trainline is the leading independent rail and coach travel platform selling rail and coach tickets to millions of travelers worldwide. Via our highly-rated website and mobile app, people can seamlessly search, book, and manage their journeys in one place. We bring together millions of routes, fares, and journey times from 270 rail and coach carriers across 45 countries. We help our customers find the best value fares for their journey and intelligent, real-time travel information on the go. We aim to make rail and coach travel easier and more accessible, encouraging people to make more environmentally sustainable travel choices.

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