Uber Chooses Chattermill to Understand the Leading Drivers of NPS Globally

September 12, 2023
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Chattermill, the Customer Experience Intelligence company, is thrilled to announce a global partnership with Uber, the global rideshare titan, as it continues to develop its global Net Promoter Score (NPS) program. 

This move aims to enhance Uber’s rider experience worldwide, focusing on understanding what drives NPS across all active regions.

"At Uber, rider feedback and the actionable data that stems from analyzing it is hugely important to us," stated Harsha Gavarna, Uber Strategy & Ops Lead. "To continue delivering the best experiences for our riders, we need to be able to extract insights from NPS that can guide us on a region-by-region basis. We required a single source of truth for our customer data. That’s what Chattermill gives us."
"Chattermill unifies our customer experience data, examines it at scale using deep learning AI, and provides insights that aid us in understanding the Uber experience at an incredibly granular, actionable level. With this partnership, our Rider Strategy and Operations teams have all the insights they need to drive forward our rider experience. There’s no better customer intelligence solution for Uber and brands like us.

Mikhail Dubov, co-founder and CEO of Chattermill, voiced his excitement about the expanded partnership:

"At Chattermill, we love working with Uber, so we’re delighted they’ve chosen to expand their partnership with us to help continue assisting their global NPS program," he said. "Our AI helps Uber’s Rider Strategy and Operations teams analyze their data at scale to unlock insights that elevate their rider experiences, boost retention, and significantly improve their bottom line. Access to these insights is critical for success in today's economy and beyond. The continued partnership proves how much Uber gets that.”

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Chattermill, the Customer Experience Intelligence company, enables the world’s leading brands to unlock their customers’ reality. Global enterprises like Amazon, H&M and Uber rely on Chattermill to operationalize CX data. Chattermill is the best-in-class AI powered platform for CX, Product, Marketing and Support teams to action insights from their customer data at scale, ranked no.1 in multiple G2 categories.

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