What is Unified Customer Intelligence?

January 19, 2022
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Customer experience professionals all need clarity about their customers if they’re to deliver an exceptional customer experience.

But when dealing with thousands of disparate pieces of customer feedback, millions of customer support interactions, not to mention countless other streams of customer data, things inevitably get confusing.

It can be hard to see the wood for the trees.

To succeed in the years ahead, we will need a single source of truth. We need a platform that can tell us how our customers really feel about our products, services, and the experiences we deliver. We need it to work at scale, and we need it to unify and simplify what can often seem like a near-impossible job finding insight amidst the chaos.

Because in the years ahead, customer expectations will inevitably continue to rise, and customers will become even more likely to share their negative experiences online.

So it’s critically important that we, as CX leaders, can readily access real-time customer insights, find out what and where to improve, and intelligently boost our brands’ customer experiences to meet customers’ ever-changing needs.

Unified Customer Intelligence is what enables us to do that. It enables us to finally see not just the wood from the trees, but the intricacies of the leaves.

And it’s only by seeing this that we can answer our, and our customers’ toughest questions.

Chattermill has created the Unified Customer Intelligence category to enable CX teams to get the unfiltered truth about their customers and transform their brands’ customer experience.

With Unified Customer Intelligence, CX leaders can unify their customer experience data across the entire customer journey – from app store reviews to post-purchase survey feedback – to gain deep insight into how their customers really feel, and build a CX strategy that’s built on the customer reality.

It’s time to embrace the smart, transformative approach to customer experience. It’s time for a more Unified Customer Intelligence.

Why Does Unified Customer Intelligence Matter?

Because the way you currently use customer data is chaotic.

Digital transformation efforts have meant CX leaders have, in recent years, bought in a lot of new technologies to find out what our customers really want and think about their products, services, and experience.

In many ways, this is the right thing to do. Having access to more customer data and better technology means we have more potential insight at our fingertips. At least in theory.

But the issue for many CX leaders is they now have so much disparate, unstructured data sat in so many different data silos that it’s become impossible to glean real, meaningful customer insights that wield a positive impact on our customers.

The solution to this is to take a Unified Customer Intelligence approach.

By unifying all customer data from all technologies under one roof using Chattermill, you can not only create a single source of truth, but the artificial intelligence that underpins our Unified Customer Intelligence platform unifies and analyses all of your unstructured customer data – importantly, this includes free-text responses – and provides actionable customer insights.

Insights that are ultimately led by what your customers really think and feel about your brand.

The result? Better decision making, better insight, and better customer experiences. Unified Customer Intelligence is a thoroughly smarter approach to customer experience.

Your New Reality With Unified Customer Intelligence

With access to what your customers really think about your products, services, and customer experience, you can operate based on intelligence, instead of opinion.

Unified, Integrated Intelligence

Chattermill’s Unified Customer Intelligence platform captures all customer feedback interactions across all channels, integrating with pretty much any technology you use.

Unbiased Intelligence on What Your Customers Really Think

Chattermill captures customer sentiment as it is – using artificial intelligence, rather than humans – to provide Unified Customer Intelligence free from bias and assumptions.

Better Customer Experiences

With Unified Customer Intelligence at your fingertips in one single platform, you have more time to focus on actively improving experiences for your customers.

It’s Time For a More Unified, Intelligent Approach to CX

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