Zepz, the fintech behind global remittance brands WorldRemit and Sendwave, chooses Chattermill to align their team around customer insights

May 17, 2024
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Chattermill, the Customer Experience Intelligence company, is thrilled to announce a collaboration with Zepz, the London-based fintech behind WorldRemit and Sendwave

In their mission to make global digital payments fairer, faster and more flexible they recognize the importance of understanding customers and delivering products and services that differentiate and delight users.

The collaboration will enable Zepz to move away from high level, ad-hoc, manually generated customer insights, and see them:

  • Understand the voice of the customer through a continuous and programmatic reporting process for NPS and CSAT
  • Unify large quantities of customer feedback data across multiple sources, such as survey data, app reviews and public reviews across both Worldremit and Sendwave;
  • Align the Product, Technology and Customer Care teams around the same customer experience intelligence, so that decisions are made strategically and silos are broken down.

Bettina Meddings, Director - Customer and Marketing Insights at Zepz commented:

Here at Zepz understanding our customers is essential to differentiating in a competitive market and also against the backdrop of the recent macroeconomic challenges.
And when we say we want to understand our customer we mean getting down to the detail, the nitty gritty of what matters to them.
We want to be able to know with confidence the things we’re doing well, and the things we need to improve.
Collaborating with Chattermill will allow us to align our teams around the things that matter most to our users.

Mikhail Dubov, co-founder and CEO of Chattermill, expressed his enthusiasm about the partnership:

We are thrilled to collaborate with Zepz on their journey to better understand their customers and deliver products that change so many people’s lives.
As an immigrant myself, I deeply understand the challenges and the critical importance of money transfer services. I am thrilled to see Zepz align their teams around customer experience intelligence.

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